SSS Official & Policeman Fight Dirty At National Conference Abuja


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April 9, 2014- SSS Official & Policeman Fight Dirty At National Conference Abuja

Decorum was yesterday thrown into the winds when an armed police officer and an operative of the Department of State Security (DSS) had a free-for-all fight at the venue of the ongoing national conference.

The two unnamed officers had the fight in front of the hall where proceeding of the conference is currently going on.

Trouble started when the SSS operative who wore a white long-sleeve shirt and a blue jean decided to park his vehicle in front of the hall, a place that has been marked ‘no parking’.

Witnesses say the police officer, who was stationed at that point to ensure that no vehicle was allowed to park at the ‘no parking zone,’ approached the SSS operative to warn him against parking in front of the conference hall.

Oblivious of the fact that the driver was an operative, the armed police officer moved to deflate the tire of the vehicle, a Peugeot 406 salon car. As he braces up to carry out his ‘duty’, the SSS operative who was standing beside the vehicle tried to explain to the police officer, why he had to park there, but the officer allegedly declined to hear him, but rather opted for a showdown.

The SSS operative reacted immediately and for over two minutes, they were engaged in a dog fight. The brawl drew the attention of other security agents, who immediately rushed to the scene to separate the two security operatives.

Some delegates who witnessed the free-for-all fight expressed shock, but could not make any comment. The two officers were later whisked away, apparently to avoid another round of fight.

This is the first time such a public display of shame has been witnessed. Minutes after the fight, police officers and SSS operatives who were within the vicinity also engaged in verbal exchange over who is superior.

Some police and SSS officers on ground declined to speak to Daily Sun whether punitive actions were going to be taken against the feuding officers.

[Source: Daily Sun]