SSS Seized Sanusi Lamido’s Passport, Stopped Him From Travelling To Mecca At Kano Airport

sanusi lamido passport seized

May 4, 2014 – SSS Seized Sanusi Lamido‘s Passport, Stopped Him From Travelling To Mecca At Kano Int’l Airport

Nigeria’s State Security Service Officials have seized former CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s passport.

According to sources in the know, the controversial Mallam was recently stopped at Aminu Kano Int’l Airport in Kano on his way to Mecca for the lesser Hajj.

The SSS officials turned deaf ears to his explanation even after Sanusi showed them a legal paper work, court order preventing the government from harassing him and restraining his movement instead, the SSS operatives stuck to their guns.

The State Security Police reportedly told Sanusi Lamido that they were following an order from the Oga at the top in Abuja.

10 thoughts on “SSS Seized Sanusi Lamido’s Passport, Stopped Him From Travelling To Mecca At Kano Airport

    • Dat is gud 4 him,Oga at d top pls do more 2 others after giving dem appointment turn back 2 hurt d innocent citizen, sponsor of boko haram

  1. but come to think of it who is boko haram ? is there no air force , navy , army , what are our private jet use for to loot out money . use our jet , helicoter . plane, search for boko haram in their camp . they are not spirit they have a camp where they stay. i think jonathan hands is involve with boko.. Nigeria let us not complain online anymore we need serious war against this goverment .our old leaders must run out from that sit ..obj please sposor us to start wars pleaese you knw everything .

  2. Mr President, you are the oga at the top, instead of going after Sanusi, Please focus on kidnappers and bring back our girls. Sanusi exposed your administration and you let this man rest again. Please be more focus and learn from other other president. Your wife is building a massive Hotel please where she can use the money to better her Education, before she will be calling our abducted girls my fellow Widow. Sanusi too is not an innocent but concentrate on what is matter now.

  3. I don’t blame you,little girls that did no wrong are still in the hands of walking dead men and you are going to Mecca to pray out your brain.Sit in your house and call your God,i believe he sees everything and everyone,tell him the condition Nigeria is facing and why you couldn’t make it this year.who knows he might help,so sit your ass down and listen to the general music.

    Trust no-one right now,all those people with millions from Nigeria fund should give up their passport and that of their relations,make sure no one leaves Nigeria,especially those money bags called leaders till we know where Nigeria is heading to.

  4. Wao! What a tremendous work Oga On Top, that was a good one. Nevertheless, the Oga On Top should pls issue that order to SSS to stop this madness of killing inocent souls in our dear country by b/h, and our beloved sisters who were abducted should be released to us. If the SSS can stop one of their sponsors (Sanusi) then, they can equally rescue our girls from the hands of thoes dead being called b/h. God bless our dear nation.

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