Stella Damasus & Daniel Ademonikan Turn Marriage Counsellors On Internet Radio Show

stella damasus daniel ademinokan

Jan 20, 2015 – Stella Damasus & Daniel Ademonikan Turn Marriage Counsellor On Internet Radio Show

Run-away husband and film maker Daniel Ademinokan and alleged husband snatcher Stella Damasus have found a new career on the net.

On the latest edition of i2radio, Daniel talked about opposite sex and how it affects marriage.

Stella Damasus asked: Should a married man/woman allow their spouse to have a best friend of the opposite sex.“For a married woman or man, I do not subscribe to having a best friend of the opposite sex.”

Daniel Ademinokan responded with:

“Before I got married I had many female friends. One of them I fell in love with because we were just so fond of ourselves but she didn’t feel the same way for me. From that experience I was smart enough to know that it may not be safe and sane to discuss issues that will stir up emotions.Usually best friends don’t set boundaries. I personally as a guy would not advice to have a best friend that is female or vice versa.

“If your wife is not your best friend as a man, you have a problem.Try the best you can to make your wife your best friend.If you feel your wife doesn’t understand you, look for a guy. Not a female because emotions may stir up. I’m not saying you can’t have a female friend but there should be boundaries.Your character is like smoke, somehow it will find its way out.

When there are issues don’t wait for someone else to console your spouse.I will not condone my wife having a male best friend and I myself will NOT have a female best friend.”

This is laughable, the two run away lovers are now counselling others on how to relate with opposite sex.

Stella Damasus no get shame at all! Wonder what she would do if another opposite sex snatched Daniel from her. I don’t think she knows the kind of pain she put her colleague Doris Simeon through after snatching Daniel from her.

The two ‘yeye couple’ no get mouth for this subject at all.