Stella Damasus Love Me Quick Song Video Ft Daniel Ademinokan

stella damasus love me quick videodaniel ademinokan stella love song

March 11, 2013 – Stella Damasus Drops Love Me Quick Song Video Ft Daniel Ademinokan

Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has just dropped the video of her hit song Love me quick.

Stella Damasus’ Love Me Quick video features her new lover Daniel Ademinokan.

Daniel Ademinokan, a popular Nigerian movie producer allegedly dumped his wife, actress Doris Simeon and son for Stella last year after their marriage failed.

Daniel Ademinokan and Stella have moved their romance to a another level. They’re both living together in Abuja as we speak.

The inseparable lovers opened a boutique named code 55 in Abuja last year.

The song is the soundtrack for the movie “UNSPOKEN” produced by Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan. The movie was directed by Daniel Ademinokan. This is an Index Two Studios production.

Watch the video below.

20 thoughts on “Stella Damasus Love Me Quick Song Video Ft Daniel Ademinokan

  1. nice song ,but i told a girl that i love her she said that i love her quick quick she dont believe that i love her.i dont understand this oooooooooooooooo.Which way again

  2. What makes you tfink he wouldn’t dump you for another woman if he could dump his wife and son for you?I used to see you as my sscreen goddess,shame….these girls have lost their senses and decency…..if he could do that to another woman,you are not an exception.

  3. Stella am ashame for u o ur colleague husband dats too bad let $e tell u viewers no responsible girl for nollyhood they r no1 asewo if am wrong someone shud prove it if they did nt marry dis they we marry dat y r dey fund of another womans man shameless pple ur colleauge husband Stella I cover for u o mtcheew

  4. Sour voice, go and look for your own husband, shameless she goat , you will surely regret this , that was the reason why your mr jaiye family never like you. Gbokogboko .

  5. @Ade,birds of d same feather flocks 2geda.u shld be ashame of urself 4 supporting stella nd her shameless boyfrnd.

  6. wat is going on btw you 2 @Ade&Kemmy, one thing is dat we are all diff wat goes for A might not go well for B but i don’t it should be happening within the industry…you 2 shud stop the is a social media 4 us to flaunt what you we feel and not make it seem is sumthin else

  7. Hi stella my contribuction 2 ur z dt u should do wht z gud bc ur also d ambassador of moral behaviuor nd u hv 2 knw nomatter hw gud u re pple mst be against u if u knw d right thng jst do it am in support of u

  8. if when jesus said who ever has never done this should pick a stone and beat this woman.those who are tring to blackmail her u knw better wat wat ur doing behind ur spaouses can u prove me right stella ur class apart

  9. R u kidding me? Another woman husband u should be ashame of ur self. i thought that u were disent, so i was wrong. I am sorry for ur future.

  10. what goes around, comes around. Stella if this accusation is true, its not too late,PLSSSS repent now.

  11. she will soon face wrath of being a betrayal. she is a snake under green grass. you will soon face the the repercussion of what you did to dorris and you the husband, you are nothing but stupid *******. gold digger, lazzy ass *****.

  12. You are incredible; great piece! Thumbs up!!! We’re indeed a gift! Go girl; sore, beyond the skies is just the beginning for you!!! We you the very best!!! Cheers!!!

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