Stella Oduah’s Car Attacked In Abuja By Gunmen: Aviation Minister Escapes Death

stella oduah attacked gunmen abuja

Nov 25, 2013 – Stella Oduah’s Car Attacked In Abuja By Gunmen: Aviation Minister Escapes Assassination

Aviation Minister Stella Oduah’s Car Attacked In Abuja By Gunmen, Bullets Discovered

Scandal-ridden Nigerian aviation Minister, Stella Oduah is very happy to be alive after she escaped an attempt on her life in Abuja.

According to Abuja Police officials, the attack happened on Friday night.

Police said Stella Oduah reported the attack to them on Monday around 5:30pm.

According to Abuja Police spokesperson, Altine Daniel, the reported attack happened around 10pm on Friday.

Daniel said Stella Oduah was not in the car at the time of the attack.

In the report she filed at the police station this afternoon, some metallic objects were found in the vehicle which look like bullets.

“The objects will be subjected to ballistic test,” she said.

According to her, investigation into the incident has begun.

Also confirming the shooting, the Special Adviser to the minister, Joe Obi, said that the attack took place at the Ministers’ Hill, Maitama in Abuja.

“Fortunately, the minister was not in the car at the time the attack took place.

“An official report has been made to the police and the police are currently investigating it,” Mr. Obi said.

This attack is coming weeks after Stella Oduah’s involvement in a multi-million naira bullet proof cars scandal. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, bought 2 armoured BMW cars for Stella Oduah at N255 million; with many Nigerians calling for her sack and prosecution.

President Jonathan who arrived Abuja from London yesterday confirmed to reporters that he has received a report on the scandal and has appointed a 3-man committee to probe her.

Hope the BMW madam is not using this to cover up her scandal.

31 thoughts on “Stella Oduah’s Car Attacked In Abuja By Gunmen: Aviation Minister Escapes Death

  1. Is a lie joor, this I**o people will never stop to amaze me! why didn’t they killed this animal in human, they should have killed her, why is it that she wasn’t there at that moment, she just planned it so that FG will say no wonder she went to purchase bullet proof car, she don’t even know how to plan, she planned the arm robbery like kid, May God forget you and your future

  2. I was shocked when I read the way Stella Oduah treated her husband and even denounced using his name upon appointment as a minister. Igbo land is the most awkward place to choose a wife, otherwise didn’t the husband notice all the masculine male features she was endowed with as a young lady, otherwise how can Stella Oduah who closely look like a man bluffs a man. The next president of Nigeria should spare the public of the likes of Stella Oduah as ministers, her personality is one of a “red light district” of Armstedam in Holland.

  3. hmm..I hope the attack was not acted just to justify her bullet-proofs convoys… the same way the demonstrations at Imo was acted a few weeks ago.
    All the same, I congratulates our amiable minister for escaping the assassination!

  4. Big lie na like dis, dis stupid woman think say we mums rich? How can the police say they saw something that look like bullet so our police no sabi how bullet look like again God no de sleepoooo

  5. Madam fear God nw haba u very much knw dat is not true.jst Admit 2 ur crime n stop devising other method to cover up.God is watching ooooo jst 2 remind u.

  6. FElix ur father there,why would you bring your stupid tribal sentiment into This matter so you have not found out that igbo ladies are the best in the world,if hate us that is your headache we will continue to power,just because she is Igbo everyone is attacking her from all angles,what about maina that stole billions of naira has anybody jailed him,Felix people like you should go to hell for all i care.big fool.

    • What is wrong with you Ig** people that you are so criminal minded tribes of all Nigerians everywhere in the world. Your South East State governments give you linsence to run an orphanage homes and you turn the facilities into BABY PRODUCTION FACTORIES, among too many heineous crimes pepertrated by Ig** race. What pride is left for a people to hang-on, Thank GOD I’m not an Ig**.

  7. Felix ur very stupid for sayind that Igbo land is the most awkward place to choose a wife, what dose that got to do with what happend to her? Pls mind how Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ use ur wards les your own child marry from dia, $ dia is noting Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊ can do about it.

  8. @felix…what do u mean by that? Can’t u make a comment wit out involving tribe. Why generalize or are there no corrupt govt officials from your tribe. Unless there has never been a case of corrupt govt officials from ur tribe then dont go tribal cos despite one’s ttibe it is our individual personality dat determines character of our actions and dats d case of stella.

  9. It amazes me how pple talk wit bile in their mouth. Felix or wat ur name is i bet u reason frm u anus to just condem a tribe bcos of one woman. Seriously u re a retard


  11. Believe me the gun attack was to test whether the said cars were really bullet proof cars if at all they ever exist.

  12. my people, this is just a frame up to justify her self for the 225m bullet proof car she bought. But, we naija are, not foolish.this is just a planned work between her and mr GEJ. to retain her position in office.

  13. wonders shall never end, why is it that all the govt officials always act home movies to cover up whenever they commit crime, please tell the person that wrote this script for you to write part 2 and 3 at the same time bcos we are waiting, is this the justification for spending N255 Million naira for 2 armoured BMW while 70% of nigerians can not boost of three-square meal a day, remember that if mr death comes nothing will make you to escape and he will find you wherever you are, she can only buy bullet-proof what of death proof? this 3-men committee to probe her are they in Nigeria or outside the country bcos we havn’t heard anything from them, are they not the same people? can a blind man lead a blind man? we are tired of all this cock and bull story, let us build this nation for our own good.

  14. Thanks be to God for life spared. Many Nigerians don’t feel for others unless it happens to them. May God have mercy on this heartless generation. Amen. I mean, even if the woman has erred, why not thank God for her life? By the way, why are few short-memory Nigerians calling for her sack? What has happened to likes of Hon. Farouk Lawal , Bankole and host of others. You are attacking because she’s a woman or because you didn’t get your cut from the transaction. Shame on you all.

  15. She should go and learn how to rehearse shooting incident before coming to the press for publications …….fools you better resign now before you witness hammer of God on you.


    • All of you insulting Felix knows too well that the IGBO people are the most criminal minded of all the Nigerian tribes, the Igbo criminal records and statistics everywhere in Nigeria and around the world testify to the facts. The most heineous is how your South East governments give your people linsence to operate an ophanage home and you end up turning the facilities into a BABY PRODUCTION FACTORY, among other terrible crimes by Igbo people. What pride is left of a lost heritage,? Thank God the rest of the world now separates Igbo criminals from the rest of law abiding Nigerians.

  17. Dr doyin Abiola is from igbo right. Heartless woman stealing frm micro finance bank dat is meant for d drvelopment of d poor. Are u not d biggest fool to condem a tribe. Is there any crime commited by d igbos dat is new to ur tribe. Since nigeria was created no one frm ur tribe has ever committed d following crimes.. embezzlement,killing,defraud,ritual killing, kidnapping,prostitution,drug n human trafficking etc. If there re none records frm ur tribe then go n insult u re d biggest fool…

  18. Lets leave tribe out of this. Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, a thief will always be a thief!
    This story is definitely a make-up to justify Stella’s purchase of the armoured vehicles.
    Who are they(government) deceiving?

  19. Stella you are a liar and a criminal. For the children you have deprived food due to your senseless spending will cry to God. Where do they get people like you to run an important office like that? You don’t care to do your job but you like the money. Woe unto you all, you all will vomit all the money And God will visit your sins upon your generations for ever. You are a disgrace to womanhood.

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