Success Tips & Tricks For New YouTubers

youtube success tips beginners 2019

If you are planning to start a YouTube Channel or you already have one that is not growing, watch the video below for some tips that will help you grow your YouTube Channel.

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10 thoughts on “Success Tips & Tricks For New YouTubers

  1. I love this. Pls do you know how to start a youtube channel from scratch. I need help, I have been trying since 2017. Your help will go a long way

    • There are lots of youtube video on this subject matter dear. I can’t explain it to you properly here.

    • You need t-stand to shoot overhead cooking video and a great camera like canon sl2.

  2. Thanks for the tips,my issue is what you mentioned, I’m camera shy and I don’t want people to know me. Can I do youtube without showing my face

    • You have to start now with time, getting used to the camera will be a part of you. I’m camera shy too but it is better to do it shy than never to do it. If I can, you too can.

      If you want to remain anonymous, then start creating DO IT YOURSELF VIDEOs to demonstrate things to people. Or record your screen using OBS studio. Wish you well

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