The Sweet Part Of The Bitter Cake: Advocacy For The Enlightenment Of The Girl Child

the sweet part of the bitter cake

December 25, 2017 – The Sweet Part Of The Bitter Cake: Advocacy For The Enlightenment Of The Girl Child

By Ero Emmanuel

Ifueko, a brilliant and gifted child came top of her class all her years in primary school, she got admitted into secondary school in flying colours and was considered a genius by many.

Ifueko, still growing up, never had the full attention of the mother in what life entails as a girl child, even when she tries to discuss issues concerning the developmental changes she experiences, the mother will always give her a shut of the ears, all she could tell Ifueko was that sex was bitter.

Now, men of all categories are after her, like flies would feast on a mango seed, now she’s perplexed, running into conflict of interest she finds it necessary to explore herself, now her mentality has changed about how bitter sex could be, she has met her peers who have had first hand experiences of the show and are now first class degree holders in bed matters.

Being curious, Ifueko had the hunger to explore, so unfortunate you would say, she met Chika, so naive, she never knew all chika wanted was a piece of how she tasted, never been tutored by the mother she had her first bite of the bitter cake, finding how sweet it was, guess what?, in her heart she tagged the mother a lier, unknowingly to her that she has tasted the sweet part of the bitter cake.

Ifueko, unnecessary grow bigger and plumpy and now all her hormones are active and her brain sending signals to all parts of the body to prepare for maternalness, at every sight of Ifueko the mother give thanks to the creator for that one night, little did she know that Ifueko’s brillo had just began to shrink and now, she’s gradually exceeding her elastic limit and tending towards her break points.

Not too long, Ifueko reaches her elastic limit and she breaks, for she has tasted the bitter part of the bitter cake, she missed her usual monthly sequence twice consecutively, being naive and dreaded the mother greatly, Ifueko concealed it and prefer to share it with her peers, Nevertheless, just like the bible would say, a city set on the hill can never be hidden, not far fetched, the mother starts to notice the signs of mother to be, why she’s still in expectancy of her third child, oh what a waste, Ifueko is doomed, she cried her a river.

It soon prompted Ifueko that she had a bun in the oven, oh what do I do she asked, she cried out her tears gland, but it was too near the end, having failed in her maternal duties, she sent Ifueko into exile for 20 months to bear the child and raise it, Chika, nowhere to be found, left her all alone in the crisis.

Now, Ifueko has returned, having stumbled, refusing to slay like her peers, she gradually began to gather momentum and spontaneously pick up pace, as she put the past behind, leaving her maternalized state, she enrolled in WAEC, passed it, wrote JAMB, she made it, now the university here she comes, songs of praise to the mother who impel her and suddenly became curious of her girl child, consequently, it doesn’t change the fact that Ifueko has lost something vital.

Not all girl child can have that courage to pick up pace like Ifueko, having stumbled.

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  1. Great write up sir, keep it up.
    @ joy, I believe at your level, you should understand what constructive criticism is. You don’t criticize a persons work without having an underlying understanding of the purpose of the write up. And I hear you talk about grammar, I just laugh.

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