Taboo As Man Marries Girl Child In Isiokpo Imo State Without Parents Consent…Photos

man marries girl child imo state

A young man has publicly slammed his supposed in laws after his  younger sister (17 year old) got married to an older church member without the consent of her parents in Isikpo town, Imo state.

According to the worried brother, Fishers of Men Charismatic Church planned the wedding for almost 6 months without the approval of the parents of the girl.

Big brother Raphael Udoye who disapproved the marriage took to Facebook on Monday to denounce his supposed in law and the church for approving the marriage.

See his message below:

taboo igbo land

See viral photos of the couple below

Since the young girl will turn 18 in September of this year, her husband is risking arrest as this is considered a taboo in Igboland.

Some men get liver sha… How can you marry a child and feel comfortable about it???? chai!!!

4 thoughts on “Taboo As Man Marries Girl Child In Isiokpo Imo State Without Parents Consent…Photos

  1. what is the brother to this girl still doing? Please inform the police ASAP before things get out of hand.. Arrest this fool and the so call pastor if it’s true he (Pastor) is the one who planned the so called wedding without the consent of the girl family. Put them behind bar. l rest my case

  2. The young girl have been brainwash by the so call pastor, to rescue the girl police to be involve.

  3. It is not only in Igboland that it is a taboo, it is a taboo everywhere. This is abduction and the man should be arrested. Wedding between Elephant and she goat. If this brother is still typing on facebook, then he does not know what he is doing. Arrest the elephant

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