Tayo Sobola Sotayo Is Broke: Nollywood Actress Puts N70M G Wagon Up For Sale At N13.5Miillion

tayo sotayo sobola broke

April 24, 2017 – Tayo Sobola Sotayo Is Broke: Nollywood Actress Puts N70M Mercedes Benz G Wagon Up For Sale At N13.5Miillion

Popular Nollywood actress Tayo Sobola aka Sotayo is broke.

The actress who received a G-Wagon valued at N70million from an admirer as birthday gift last year December has reportedly put it on sale for N13.5million on an online auction site for Nigerians.

An insider who revealed this to NET in a telephone chat few days ago said it is unclear why the actress is trying to sell the expensive ride for such cheap amount of money.

This comes days after the actress battled a whistle blower who exposed her on the social media.

tayo sotayo g wagon N13.5 million

This should not come as a surprise to fans as the actress who portrays herself as a gold digger once advised women not to date poor men.

11 thoughts on “Tayo Sobola Sotayo Is Broke: Nollywood Actress Puts N70M G Wagon Up For Sale At N13.5Miillion

  1. She once said it, that don’t date a poor guy. So that you can sell the material things you acquire from the relationship. Cheap and local babe, yet she will be forming posh, mchew! N70m to N13.5m the margin is killing! Anyways that’s her own cup of zobo.

    • She said it herself that the car was not given to her as brand new. It was a Tokunbo car, she cannot be that desperate to want to sell a new car valued as 70m for a mere 13.5m.

  2. Aye ti gba ogo lowo…Shebi she was so proud of herself telling women not to date men, Let her see it herself now. i just pray she recover soon sha

  3. She maybe selling it because she cannot maintain it or she doesn’t need it or there is sudden investment that she wants to get to; it could be anything,but not necessarily that she is broke.

  4. nobody knws why she is selling it..i tink she has her reasons for dat..nd mind u guys…my role model {sotayo gaga} is nt a prostitutes or whatever u called it…just shut d crap if u dnt av anytin sensible to comment..is nt by force…kip loving u my beautiful role model

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