Tenant Kills Cobra Snake Found In Toilet Bowl, Secret Cult Landlord Dies Next Day


cobra snake toilet bowl

Feb 10, 2014 – Tenant Kills Cobra Snake Found In Toilet Bowl, Landlord , A Secret Cult Member Dies Next Day

This is the testimony of a man who escaped death in his toilet a while back.

The man moved from a 1 bedroom apartment to a flat not knowing his new landlord is a secret cult member.

The occultic landlord specializes in causing miscarriages for his tenants wives, causing business problems for tenants and killing tenants family through snakes bites and car accidents.

But this young christian family moved in and behold in the midnight after prayer, the man of the house tried to use the toilet.

On getting to the toilet, alas! there was a huge cobra snake waiting to bite him in the toilet bowl.

He shouted and started praying before they eventually killed it and burnt it to ashes. The next day the landlord died in his flat from machete cuts and traces of fire burns on his skin.

Is this a coincidence or not?