“Terrorists ‘ll Attack Europe In 2016, Obama Will Be The Last US President” – Blind Prophet Baba Vanga

baba vanga predictions 2016

December 8, 2015 – “Terrorists Will Attack, Invade Europe In 2016, Obama Will Be The Last US President” – Blind Prophet Baba Vanga Predicts

Meet Baba Vanga, a Bulgarian woman popular for predicting things that will come to pass in years to come.

Baba Vanga Predictions That Came To Pass

She accurately predicted 911 terror attacks, 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, Obama’s election and ISIS invasion years ago.

Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2016 is chilling.

She foresaw a “Great Islamic War” that will spring out among the Arabs in Syria and will end with the establishment of a caliphate in Rome by 2043.

She also foresaw terrorists invasion of Europe in 2016.

Vanga who died in 1996 at age 85 said President Obama will be the last US President.

Let’s wait and see how that plays out.

12 thoughts on ““Terrorists ‘ll Attack Europe In 2016, Obama Will Be The Last US President” – Blind Prophet Baba Vanga

  1. I strongly believe that president Obama would be the last black American president in history; i am yet to see any black American man that could matched up with his competency. Besides, white man will never allow the coming back of any black race to the house in regards to the allegations Obama went through during his tenure in the states.

  2. The sources of all things matters. We know for sure that she wasn’t a Christian in her lifetime. It is true that she might have been accurate on few of her predictions, but she missed out in most. But when a word come from the throne of mercy through the revelation of the Holy Spirit of God, it doesn’t matter the time, it will surely come to past. The creator of the Heavens and the earth has the final says in all matters that relate to human beings. Why? He is all knowing, and He is God of all flesh. Come January, 2017, I believe that a new American president will be elected by American citizens. What I don’t know is the party that will produce the most powerful president in the world.

  3. Well, as for Ubama being last prez, that doesnt seem to materialize. However, the caliphate thing she talked about appears to correspond with prophecies by Muhammad(Allah’s blessing be upon him). I dont necessarily buy her timeline but Syria is the last battleground of Malhama (great war or Armageddon).

    Malhama is great war that consists of series of wars. And the hadith says something like it will last for 7yrs. This war will culminate the conquest of Constantinople and appearance of Dajjal or great deceiver that the Christians called ant-christ.

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