Thailand-Based Nigerian Man Arrested With Drugs At Lagos Airport Confesses “I Had Made A Big Mistake”

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March 5, 2013 – Thailand-Based Nigerian Man Arrested With Drugs At Lagos Airport Confesses “I Had Made A Big Mistake”

Jude Ejikonye Ilechukwu, a 22-yr-old Nigerian man based in Thailand was recently apprehended by men of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, with 1.295kg of substance discovered to be methamphetamine. Ilechukwu was arrested at the international wing of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.

The drug which was concealed inside his luggage, was detected during the screening of passengers on Ethiopian Airline at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

The MMIA Commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Hamza Umar, said the drug was carefully hidden in the suspects’ luggage.

Umar said: “Like several factory modes of drug concealment, we had to practically cut the bag open to detect the drugs.

“Ordinarily, when you open the bag, you will not see the drug.

“We found two brown parcels of drugs weighing 1.295kg.”

According to Ilechukwu, he was lured into the drug deal by a friend he met in Thailand.

Jude Ejikonye Ilechukwu’s Confession

In his words: “I am a business man. I relocated to Thailand last year where I buy goods and send to Nigeria.

“It was in Thailand that I met a man who introduced me into drug business. He gave my number to his partner in Lagos who lodged me in a hotel.

“They made me to contribute N750,000 as my contribution and promised me a handsome reward on arrival in Thailand.

“My focus was on the profit that will accrue to me. It was when I was arrested that I realised I had made a big mistake.”

The suspect attended Okija Community Primary School and Okija Grammar School, Anambra State before he started business.

The Chairman/Chief Executive officer of NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, said that the Agency will investigate all cases and bring drug culprits to justice.

Giade said; “The Agency is prepared to bring drug barons to justice. Our target is to reduce the drug problem to the barest minimum.”

It was confirmed that the suspect will soon be charged to court.

[Press Release By EFCC]

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27 thoughts on “Thailand-Based Nigerian Man Arrested With Drugs At Lagos Airport Confesses “I Had Made A Big Mistake”

  1. Bastard Ibo boy,that is how they spoil Malaysia,Singapore,China,Thailand with there useless habit,God will run you all down for disgracing Nigeria all over the world.

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    • Your prayers can’t be answered. You can’t be a BOKO HARAM MEMBER and expect GOD to answer your prayer! For ur information, to carry drug fly go abroad is better than to kill your own brodas in the name of religion.

  3. This is getting out of hand men! Why r our pple destroyn der lives & image of dis nation? 90% of Naija prisoners abroad r Ibos yet we havn’t taken any correction. God b merciful 2 us.

    • Ogoo, wherever u got ur mendacious statistics from? As 4 Kunle, Paul & evn Ola who nods his head at naive comments as if a lizard were his ancestor, all of u hav groundnuts in ur brains & need emergency correctional surgery. D only reazn y u pple are ill-disposed 2wards d Ibos is dat u envy their survival instincts & cnt b lyk dem. Odawyz u wdnt hav used dis slightest opotuinity 2 paint ur animosity on d wall. How cld Nigeria be one if diz sentiments cntinu? See evn Paul from d witchcraft n wizardry den of d coun3 talking about ritualists! How are we sure dat they would not turn him in2a standing frog if he travels 2 his village? He cld evn be a bloodsucker himself!
      Pls, let’s spare ourselves diz recrimations! Wen sombdy does wrong, judge dat persn n not his parents n siblings. Dis is wat beats us here in Nigeria.

    • If u no get morale to pursue the mega money….pls don’t criticise people who do. It is better to take the risk of exporting drug than to kill yourself in a suicide attack and say u are going to heaven. IGBO boiz I gbadu una jari. No going back. We must hammer and arrange our biafran land weda bad belle like it or not!

  4. Kunle,mind the kind of words u used on a particular groups or ethnics. I believe dat wot mr lkechukwu did is a general disease dat d wrld at large is experiencing today. The peace and unity of this nation is vry important,so mind hw u used ur words…

  5. Kunle and paul u guys are nothing but mutulas to d highest level. Fools of d highest order coz its an igbo boy u have generalised dem. So its all igbos dat likes money.
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  6. @Kunle and others, I live in the UK and actually most of the crimes perpetuated by Nigerians in the UK are predominantly by Yorubas. I suggest next time you want to espouse ignorant tribalistic nonsense at least try and get your facts right. Crime is wrong and it doesn’t matter what tribe commits the most, we are all seen as Nigerians to the outside world.

  7. @Kunle and paul, you both are fools,stupid to the highest level with that comment, we all are Nigerian and this has nothing to do with igbo committing crime or bringing bad name to Nigeria. go to several part of the world, you will see yoruba’s bringing bad name to our country. As for Jude, serve your punishment as offender of the law and stop blaming yourself but as for those fools, had it been i see both of you in person, i would have given you the beating of life and how to respect Igbo’s. we are proud ourselves.

  8. Kunle and paul,i am speaking from japan. The 2 of u guys are the most stupid set of people i have read their comments b4. A particular person commited an offence and u guys are generalizing the issue. Look @ calabar man (paul)talking when other tribes are talking. Bt dis 22 yr old guy dat carry drugs enter 9ja,u fuck up. How u go do dat kind thing with ur life,especially MMIA. U dnt knw dat mm international airport day tight ? Any way,hard luck. Next time,dnt try dat.

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  10. If northern political leaders that ruled for over 30years and made Nigeria become one of the most corrupt in the world,people will get good job after study and only travel outside the country for holiday.

  11. well if Kunle and says Igbos are the bad eggs of Nigeria, one word for them LOSERS. for the drug dealers, keep on what u are doing and face the music when it sets. on your own.

  12. am yoruba and i dont agree with the rude comments made on other tribes. i agree with Kingsley for his comment on the problem being a DISEASE in the whole world.
    The Nation has a bad name and WE all need to come together to help make that change, not just the Ibo’s,Yoruba , Hausa’s or which ever tribe one comes from. Love each other and don’t be a RACIST to other tribe. its so shameful to read the RUDE comment from KUNLE nad PAUL towards the Ibo’s.

    • it is very apparent that naija can’t continue as 1. The earlier we divide and face our different ethnic problems the better for us!

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