Thanks For You Patience… We Are Back Live

thanks for your patience

A big thanks to all our dear readers for your patience and love.

Here is what happened!!!

We moved to a hosting service provider that will help us manage common issues instead of the way we have been doing it by ourself for a while now.

The process took a whole day and a lot of headache but thank goodness it is over now.

We look forward to a positive experience with our new service provider.

Please if you have any issue with the site, don’t forget to leave it in a comment on any post.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Thanks For You Patience… We Are Back Live

  1. Great! naijagist .we have a forum to air and share our views ON HOW TO BETTER OUR NATION which is under seige.keep up the good work..aluta continua

  2. Efficient now… NG the Best.
    Please try to award your best comment personality monthly to encourage good unalloyed comments.
    Thanks a lot!

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