The Height Of Indecency: See What A Nollywood Actress Wore To A Movie Set

tope osoba naked wonder

April 14, 2016 – The Height Of Indecency: See What A Nollywood Actress Wore To A Movie Set

This is how Nollywood actress Tope Osoba came to a movie set in Lagos yesterday.

She got tongues wagging the moment she walked into the location of upcoming movie in this naked wonder bum short.

These ‘yeyebrities’ love to overdo things. She wan put Funsho Adeolu in trouble… Na waooo.

25 thoughts on “The Height Of Indecency: See What A Nollywood Actress Wore To A Movie Set

  1. Mchew, i no pity her. I hope she wont come out and say she was raped? yeye dy smell. Mchew. Na you problem, if you like come out naked, we go look. Oniranu!

  2. You shouldn’t have even wear the hot jean, you should have come out naked Nollywood actress, not good enough. It is not our culture

    Please cover your nakedness and be decent, God bless you.

  3. Una go fia lap nah…mumubrities.
    One thing is sure here. All this mode of dressing is not intended for the ladies on board but the men. We are the target.

    Then when one shallow-minded film producer or a Director is seduced by this near naked appearance and move on behind the scene to hit the red button by asking the actress to bed now people will start the blame game and accusation about how randy he is. They would call him all sort of ugly names.

    My strolling continues….

  4. shes just showing her legs. I cant see anything wrong with her dressing. After all its her choice. How can wearing shorts is indecency. oyibo news would have praised her saying ‘hot legs’ we we curse our own. Shocking

  5. I personally agree with lady d I see nothing wrong with her dressing,naijagist mayb u guys lacks fashion and class! ohh u want her to wear long dresses and look unattractive and like a granny? I fkng love ladies who wore short dresses,***** criticizing are thesame fools who ****…

  6. Those who see nothing wrong in this indecent dressing will also see nothing wrong if she find it difficult to get good home, bcos I don’t think any reasonable man can go for a lady like this except she changed.

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