There Is A Cry: Poem Dedicated To African Migrants Killed In Search Of Greener Pasture

african migrants killed

Dec 8, 2013 – There Is A Cry: Poem Dedicated To African Migrants Killed In Search Of Greener Pasture

Darkness has beclouded the day
The sun has hid it’s face
The storm is raging
And the sea roars
The echoes in the dark
Makes my heart bleed

There is a cry
The cries of drowning migrants
Screaming for help
Oh what a tragedy
Devil’s evil arrow terminating human(Death)
Has struck again

The sea has turned blood red
The fishes flips
And the water boatmen swims in delight
At the sight of the drown bodies
Those of our brothers and sisters
The trustees of posterity

They’re fleeing from war and poverty
They journeyed through the desert
The land of no return
In a crammed truck
Like cows heading to the abattoir
Bread of tears was their food
And their urine a juice without choice

Devils evil arrow terminating human(Death)
Struck many while traversing the Sahara
Their cadaver devoured by the birds
Some who survived the pangs of death
Met their Waterloo
In the unfriendly sea of death

May the souls of the fallen heroes
Gain unhindered access to the halls of Valhalla
Reserved for the brave.
And may their spirits continue to haunt
Those wicked and heartless leaders
Who had contributed to their untimely demise

Article By Uchechukwu Caleb Obi

8 thoughts on “There Is A Cry: Poem Dedicated To African Migrants Killed In Search Of Greener Pasture

  1. This is what President badluck has brought Nigerians
    by the time we know it he would have used half of the population for fame ritual. mark my words

  2. Hmm Uchechukwu,thanks for the poem and ironically shining light on their death and what they must gone through.I was once mad with them for taking the journey in the first place through that lane and now,……,I feel so bad and sad.RIP,I hope they find a better place in the Lord where they will seek no more.RIP.Thanks Uche.

  3. It’s a pity. I blame our leaders. But no degree of hardship(except war) wil eva justify fleeing dis coun3 or absolve d perpetrators frm blame. Most of diz guys dat leav thru side routes hav but drug peddling or prostitution in view. Hence their minds r corrupt. Wat boldnes den do they hav 2 point accusation on our corrupt leaders wen d same corruption underlines dem? Dis is sheer hypocrisy.

  4. caleb obi i love ur poem it’s a touch one i don’t no hw i can express it,hw wish our leader can see and read it.THERE IS A CRY.

  5. The road to success is not an easy road,when you doesn’t have God. My people perish because of lack of knowledge.Where there’s no vision people perish.

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