Things You Didn’t Know About Belinda Effah

belinda effah secrets

December 25, 2016 – Things You Didn’t Know About Belinda Effah

There are few things you do not know about Nollywood darling Belinda Effah’s background that may be of shock to you.

When it comes to playing romantic roles with passion,Belinda stands out among her peers.
Join  as we unmask things you do not know about Miss Effah.

  1. She was born in Calabar Cross River State
  2. She graduated with a degree in Genetics and Bio-Technology from the University of Calabar
  3. She has 14 siblings
  4. She took a break from the entertainment world after completing a series called Shallow Waters in 2005
  5. She welcomed a baby boy secretly with her US-based sugar daddy earlier this year.

4 thoughts on “Things You Didn’t Know About Belinda Effah

  1. Wetin am I read things I didn’t knows about Linda Effah for? Wetin am I want to know her for? What about things Linda Effa is didn’t knows about me for? Have I make noise or distop somebody say things she didn’t knows me? Today is a Christmas. So Linda Effah can not posibul to be wetin I am study for Christmas.

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