Timi Dakolo Blasts Nigerian Pastor With Bodyguards “Stop Making Jesus So Complicated”

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July 19, 2013 – Timi Dakolo Blasts Nigerian Pastor With Bodyguards “Stop Making Jesus So Complicated”

Still unsure if this guy is looking for attention the wrong way.

Soul singer Timi Dakolo few days ago shared some controversial tweets on his Twitter page about a Pastor he met at the airport with so many bodyguards.

He said he was tempted to ask the Pastor who wants to kill him.

He is now imploring all Pastors to stop making Jesus so complicated

Check out his tweets below

“I just saw this pastor at the aiport with so many bodyguard… I am tempted to ask him, who wants to kill u sir?!”
“Dear pastors, the Jesus in the bible is very simple.. please stop making Him so complicated”

Do you agree with Timi

24 thoughts on “Timi Dakolo Blasts Nigerian Pastor With Bodyguards “Stop Making Jesus So Complicated”

  1. Timi which kind question bi dat? u call them pastors? they are bank CEO making money for their children children yet on born.they can read and quote the bible and deceive people collect their money and hire unbeliever as a security personnel for protections. bro leave talk for them no pure.

  2. Timi
    Remember Jesus christ is a fisher of men (saviour) not money doubler or deceiver who lied to themself that they are called by God. I quite agreed with Kency statement. They can never make Jesus christ complicated b’cos he had got nothing to b afraid of as he is not dudious. Mind you they need those bodyguards b’cos of their illegal acquired wealth for instance they minister what the world want to hear (prosperity e:g when you donate 10,000 naira god would make you a millionaire) not what God want them to minister to the world(Repentance,kingdom of God & it’s righteousness).

  3. Timi is rite on what he said,D Holy Spirit has been said to guard nd direct our paths,more especially a chosen servant of God.Wel God should pls hv mercy,like God said in d bible judge thou nt ur neighbours,so it is well in Jesus name.

  4. my dear,may God save us and have mercy on them.when d want to kill Jesus,judas has to identify Him bc of His simplicity,he was just like any other person,upon all the miracle,upon all He has done,still the could not identify Him,the need an insider to say,this is him,”Y”.bc of His simplicity and humility.He has all it takes to be moving around with a horse everyday,but he was treakin with His disciples.we need revival !

  5. Timi, jealousy is worrying you. Its nice when you have body guards all over you even in your toilet. The bible is very clear on who Jesus is and also about things that will happen in this world…

  6. If they are truly men of God they don’t need to be afraid of death, the word of God says fear not for,I am with you…. But they are unrighteous and knows their nemesis can catch up with them at anytime


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