Togo-Born Yoruba Actress Liz Da-Silva Pregnant For Boyfriend

yoruba actress liz da silva pregnant

Dec 27, 2012 – Togo Born Nigerian Actress Liz Da Silva Pregnant For Boyfriend

Togo-born Yoruba Actress Liz Da Silva is allegedly pregnant for her boyfriend.

Nigerian Actress Liz Da Silva who is currently on the set of her upcoming movie Tashere has been spotted with a beautiful baby bump.

Sources said the former best friend of actress Iyabo Ojo is pregnant for one Akeem, her long time lover.

Liz Da Silva pregnancy is currently at the end of the first trimester but sources said it’s not affection her performance on movie locations.

Liz started her movie career back in 2004 when she was first introduced to movie producer Muka Ray by actress Iyabo Ojo.

She was born in Togo but was brought up in Lagos Island.

7 thoughts on “Togo-Born Yoruba Actress Liz Da-Silva Pregnant For Boyfriend

  1. Are u not ashame of yourself having pregnancy for a boyfriend? Do you really think of your age? Is it not a shame to your family? Your should better haste the young man to fastforward thing in a proper way ok.

  2. So what?. That is her business. Why are Nigerian people so stupid?. Whether her mates are all married or not , why can’t Nigerians respect individual rights and decisions. You all need to come to America and learn more about individual rights. DO YOU DO THINGS BECAUSE YOUR MATES DO THINGS?. THAT SHOWS HOW SILLY SOME NIGERIANS ARE. Please respecty her wish ok!!!!Live your life and respect another person’s choice. Idiottt Nigerian culturally blind men!!!. It seems our so called culture is really blindfolding our ability to grow and be progressive in life. Every other country is getting ahead of the game and we holding tight to our old, idiotic way of reasoning.Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mike, New York.

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