Tonto Dikeh Flaunts Monkey To Spread Ebola Virus Rumour Among Nigerians

tonto dikeh monkey ebola

August 10, 2014 – Tonto Dikeh Flaunts Monkey To Spread Ebola Virus Rumour Among Nigerians

For the past 2 months, fans and critics of Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh have called her to order in regards to her addiction to pets especially monkeys.

To further fuel the rumour and give critics work to do, the Nollywood superstar has been flaunting her monkey non stop on her social media pages.

Though she has never stepped out with her adopted monkey, Tonto Dikeh may be risking her life because monkeys are the largest carriers of the deadly virus.

When even the low, high and mighty are presently united against a common fear –  Ebola virus disease, the uncrowned Queen of Nollywood controversy is not letting go of her pet monkey.

Many fans still wonder why the Nollywood star choose to keep a monkey at home as Ebola virus infection hits its climax in Nigeria.

20 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Flaunts Monkey To Spread Ebola Virus Rumour Among Nigerians

  1. she is suffering encephalopathy as a result of too much drug, so her character towards Animals may not sound so strange to me.

  2. Dose it mean is all monkey that hv the ebola virus, just as some people, some people hv it while some don’t, so it is for the monkeys, we hv almost 2 monkey we train at home, you can’t ask me to stop playing with them just because of ebola virus, is not all the monkeys that hv them

  3. Tonto habit of doing things now have become sumhw lke a durgs keeper tonto be carefuly of ur life &mind hw u operat .

  4. She must under some influence. Drugs or mental issues. A sane person won’t stoop so low.Celebrity my foot

  5. All of una just dry run una mouth any how.. Don’t be so quick to judge every one has their reasons for things they do..abi if she if the Ebola catch her self na una consign ? People nor fit just mind their business for once… Meeeeche.

  6. She might be an agent. I feel that tonto dike should be isolated for a while inorder to be examind..

  7. I see no need of insulting and name calling Tonto it’s her life and her choice, besides pets were created by God do we have to hate them to shit, NO.

  8. Life is al about choice mak una leav tonto mak dat monkey day rub her chest witot condom # story for amadioha#

  9. Nigerians wll neva face their problem and leave other pple’s own. u hv ur own problem. afterall nthn is wrong wt havng pets at home includi
    ng monkey

  10. she is btter dan those heartless radical muslims who don,t care about human beings let alone animals.

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