Tonto Dikeh Nanny From Imo State Says She Is Verbally Abusive “She Rained Curses On Me Always”

tonto dikeh verbally abusive

May 16, 2017 – Tonto Dikeh Nanny From Imo State Says She’s Verbally Abusive & Aggressive “She Lied For Saying She Took Me To 15 Countries”

My Madam Tonto Dikeh Rained Curses On Me & Threatened To Destroy Me ” –  Former Nanny

Over the weekend, Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh released a video of herself questioning her Nanny for telling people she abandoned her at Maitama General Hospital.

Watch the video below:

While chatting with journalists in Lagos on Sunday, 56-year-old Madam Mgbechi Enyinnaya from Imo state opened up on what really transpired between them on the video.

Though she acknowledged that the actress had on several occasions given her and her 2 children clothes, she however dismissed most of Tonto’ Dike’s claim as false.

Her words:

Here we go…

Nigerian celebrities are fond of living fake lives.

They tell fans something different on the social media and in real life, they do the opposite.

When Tonto Dikeh’s estranged husband and a Ghana Policeman accused her of being aggressive, the actress debunked it, now the closest person to her, her Nanny Madam Enyinnaya has confirming the same story.

17 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Nanny From Imo State Says She Is Verbally Abusive “She Rained Curses On Me Always”

  1. Ah, are we on this Tonto again?,i thought Mercy Gentry is on the lead of the yeyebrities exposure..

  2. I don’t understand humans, bcos she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she will empty her bank account for u dear madam, if u had complained about ur salary I will feel ur pain. she pays for ur services I suppose. its not her rewponsibility to take care of ur entire village cos u work for her, the deal should be ur salary not favours. what else are u complaining about, NIGERIANS PLS LETS UNDERSTAND THAT these celebrities are humans, have issues too and families,friends they fend for. madam depend on ur family and leave this poor lady who is recovering from heart break to heal. My opinion shaaa.

    • I agree with you, we are so much in consumer negativity and negative destruction about others. She pays you alright so how do you expect her to take care of your children. This is why Africa is going down with no progress. We work and we want our employer to pay all other necessary bills for us, meanwhile you get paid.
      let us be content with what we have to leave a life happily ever after and stop degrading others

  3. Thank you very much Nneka. Very ungrateful. I dont know this Tontoh. Reply out of experience myself. That nanny is telling big lies. Tonto paid her salary is that not giving money? Especially when they see someone has money they will look for all means to strip that person naked. They will want to carry all their problems for that person they work for to solve for them. Really nonsense.

    Our people very ungrateful. Is Tonto supposed to even give them anything apart from her salary? Give them money is she their dad? Yet she gave her clothes out of love. She should be grateful even for the clothes she gave to them.

    If Tontoh was that bad why kept coming back. Why not go look for job elsewhere. Madam be grateful she gave you money. She has given you clothes take and thank God be very very grateful.

    Another issue is patient. Our people lack patient. They want it now now. That child is still growing and you do not know the good plan Tontoh had in mind for you.

  4. i think tonto dike not seeing her physically but hearing her voice and how she spoke was fierce and very intimidating she had no respect for this lady.

    she is sounds aggressive you gave her clothes so what must she mention it for all we know this lady’s children could turn out to be the president of the country tomorrow…

  5. She was really intimidating the woman in that video, she(The woman) wasn’t made to talk. This woman is old enough to be her mum. Nevertheless she is not to be held responsible for the woman’s misfortune, likewise she should not lie on what she hasn’t done. Like saying she took her to 15 countries which came out as a lie

  6. Tonto I can see who you are, you don’t need to remind her about cloths you gave her and children, you are a fake woman, you don’t even allow the old lady to explain to you what happen,I don’t like the kind of woman that talks without listen, she shouting at that old lady show some respect and move away from internet

  7. someone to worked for you despite d money u paid is not a criteria to laid curses and abuses. supposing this woman happened to be your mother or grand mother and someone else did d same thing to her, how will you feel, my dear fellow Nigerian, supporter of evil. it is not tonto responsibility to take care of the woman generation anyway, but the woman is like a mother. if u want to be good then be good still, and if you want to be bad then also be bad still, that is what my bible tells me. let us learn so as to not fall a victim.

  8. Hi there. Yes it is very good to be kind to one another. Note one can not continue to be kind when people are very ungrateful. God knows kind people heart and judge them. Some people take advantages of someone kindness. They do not stop begging especially in this our nation. Bringing their problems upon problems on someone. If she is old must Tonto has no right to carry all her responsibilities. She shouted at the woman in video because of the woman bad character of begging and being ungrateful.

    I had a builder. On several occasions I sent him money to use to buy cement and do stuff. But he used that money for his dads funeral and others. When i confronted him he said which type of christian am I so because one is a christian must continue to nice to such greedy people? Apart from that I overpaid him dashed him money just for him to be able to do my job well. Yet the plastering job he did was all rubbish.

    Many Africans takes advantage of someones kindness. Tontoh please send her away pray to God for a good nanny. And if you get a good humble nanny who does not ruin you financially be nice only if she does not take advantage.

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