Tonto Dikeh Opens Up On Pregnancy, Plans To Have 2 Kids For Husband


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Nov 17, 2015 – Tonto Dikeh Opens Up On Pregnancy, Plans To Have 2 Kids For Husband

Tonto Dikeh Has Travelled To The US To Deliver Her Baby – Unconfirmed Source

Heavily pregnant Tonto Dikeh has opened up on her pregnancy.

The actress who engaged her fans in an open chat yesterday said she is planning to have two children for her hubby.

When asked to talk about her marriage and pregnancy, the actress said:

“It’s been very blissful and rewarding since I got married. Marriage is sweet and it’s a beautiful thing. Well, it’s in our nature as women to multi-task. I’m handling family business and entertainment all really well,” 

“Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and we look forward to having that, it’s in the plan and we pray for God’s blessings.”

Tonto said she will like to have two children for her husband, but stressed that he might not likely accept that.

An unconfirmed source says Tonto Dikeh has left Nigeria to deliver her child in the US.

She is missing her hubby badly and can’t stop expressing it.

Check out what she told him on IG last week:

“I miss kissing you my Kingkong.S urely u know how much life you give to this broken soul & made me a better being “

For now she is playing hide and seek game with the media, she has suddenly stopped taking full pictures…

Below is one of the recent pictures she took in the United States.