105 Missing Nigerian Soldiers Feared Killed By Boko Haram In Borno State Yesterday

105 nigerian soldiers killed boko haram

Nov 19, 2015 – 105 Missing Nigerian Soldiers Feared Killed By Boko Haram In Borno State Yesterday

The Nigerian military has suffered a huge loss to the insurgents.

According to Premium Times, at least 105 out of 200 soldiers sent to battle the Jihadists yesterday went missing after the terrorists seized all their artillery weapons and T-72 armoured tank.

In a sad blow to the military, 105 soldiers died as Boko Haram seized 60,000 rounds of AA ammunition and 3 artillery pieces in a fierce battle in Gudunbali Borno State yesterday, November 18, 2015.

The commander of the division defeated by the insurgent is set to hold a press briefing today on the whereabouts of the missing soldiers.

Oh dear! this is a huge blow to the Nigerian army.

May God deliver us from these blood thirsty animals in human form.

16 thoughts on “105 Missing Nigerian Soldiers Feared Killed By Boko Haram In Borno State Yesterday

  1. Sad news every day ..you can never hear good news about this country …may God help us and help the missing sodiers,Amen.

    • our soldiers are gud, but the military is bab,becos of the conspiracy with the insurgent. may God help our soldier/heros

  2. #Bring-back our soldiers# our girls are still missing, buhari certificate still missing, now our soldiers are missing.#Bring Back Our Soldiers#

  3. Gradually Boko Harams are disarming Nigeria Army. This is big blow to our Military men. If this sect is capable of confronting our Military Men and challenge them, we are in deep trouble. There is no way BH can defeat our Men in uniform without having support of insiders in Nigeria Army. As I have said before Nigeria Army need to redirect its beacon to some officers who are betrayer selling their information to BH. We have helped other Countries in war and we won and brought stability, How come it is difficult for Army to defeat BH sect operating mainly in the NE section of Nigeria? Something is not right here folks. Our Military have never been humiliate in this manner since our independence period.

  4. wow this is so pathetic… I know there are so many betrayer within the troop.. Commander of the division need serious interrogations.. how can 105 gallant soldier be missing

  5. Is a shame to our country if Nigeria Army s are weak then let assumed we have no Armyat all, there is no way we can fight the real war with other countries.France Army and police are ready to die to fight and defend there country this is what they sign,they take it upon themselves to figh the terrorist like wise Nigeria Army they sign before they join now why are they not performing their duties well? In U S A here the Army and the police are doing do or die to defeat terrorist . Nigeria, the giant of Africa our Army hiding away from terrorist then we need to train more Army before our country is taking away from us. Right now we are not save our Nation is not save Nigeria Army all they know is to beat innocents people up with kobolko on the street . Shame on Nigria army once again we are not save.

  6. pls nigeria army should pray well b4 going 4 war they try but those army who fight biafra they are not longer in army may God help the missing one

  7. This is quastionable,were they charmed,because soldiers in the war front must be at alert all the time,there must be conspiracy,how can a batalion lose 105 soldiers at a time something must be wrong.

  8. God has started punishing Nigeria for their genocide on Biafra this is just the beginning, the zoological Republic of Nigeria Must fall. Biafra must rise. God bless Biafra.

  9. Which Nigeria? Just too many saboteurs in the Nigerian army.I don’t think the soldiers just folded their arms and waited for death,it’s the organised ambushment.

  10. @Gabriel Onabor: you are such a ****, if u have a brother in the army, will u wish him dead. Praise the Nigerian army, they are trying.

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