Tonto Dikeh & Son Under Spiritual Attack, Actress Cries As Evil Flies Invade Home, Blames Ex Husband

tonto dikeh spiritual attack

September 2nd, 2017 – Tonto Dikeh & Son Under Spiritual Attack, Actress Laments As Evil Flies Invade Home, Blames Ex-Husband’s Family

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh took to the social media few hours ago to tell fans she is under spiritual attack.

The single mother of one said she decided to cry out due to non-stop spiritual attack she’s been battling in the past 4 months.

She placed a curse on those tormenting her and her son from her ex-husband’s house after she woke up to a swam of life flies in her son’s room for the 2nd time in a month.

The self proclaimed radical for Christ called on TD Jakes, Joyce Meyers and other popular servants of God to come to her rescue.

See the video of the live flies she caught in her son’s room today

Posting manifestations of spiritual attack on the social media will not solve the problem.

Hope Tonto will be wise enough to seek the face of God at this critical moment.

7 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh & Son Under Spiritual Attack, Actress Cries As Evil Flies Invade Home, Blames Ex Husband

  1. loool tontolet take it eazy d psalmist says i will fight for u an u shall hold ur peace. eazy woman an pastor no evil wi befall ur son ijn

  2. Tonto you can eat your cake an have it mixed Jesus with babalawo the herbalists why can’t you see such calamities? follow God stop deceiving yourself and shifting blames ok

  3. If you have true complete repentance then you are coverd by our heavenly Father YHWH. The pastors can pray with you and direct you but your salvation is in your own hands.Be strong and perservere in your relationship with Adoni,Elohim, our loving Father YHWH, he will never let you down. Be blessed sister.

  4. When you shit and forget to wipe your nyash with toletro, why flies no go come your house. Is a law say he who shit is he who fly is follow.

  5. this might not necessarily be a spiritual attack, there must be something attracting flies, either there is smell or a dead thing somewhere.. if they are environmental consultants in lagos employ their services, they detoxify using some chemicals

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