Tonto Dikeh’s Wealthy Boyfriend, Michael Awujoola Flaunts Mansion & Cars

tonto dikeh wealthy boyfriend

Nov 26, 2013 – Tonto Dikeh’s Designer Boyfriend, Michael Awujoola Flaunts Mansion & Cars

One day after Tonto Dikeh introduced him as her boyfriend, Michael Awujoola a.k.a Malivelihood has showed the whole world what he is made of.

The luxury designer and founder of multi-million naira company, Malivelihood is the preferred luxury item designer for most celebrities in Nigeria and UK today.

He is the brain behind most of the gold-plated accessories being used by celebrities.

Check out Michael Awujoola living the big boy life in all these photos.

Malivelihood michael Awujoola

michael Awujoola

I hear this guy is married with kids and Tonto Dikeh is fully aware of it #lobatan

33 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh’s Wealthy Boyfriend, Michael Awujoola Flaunts Mansion & Cars

  1. Tonto Dikeh is the most useless **** girl I ever come across
    U won’t to turn yourself into a cheap prostitute all because of money

  2. What is so special about him dt tonto is dying for
    Are you sure he is the owner of all these properties
    Will his wife just open her eye and allow u to take her man
    Tonto please think well before you jump into this

    • kikelomo or wat is ur name how could you call someone like you a deceit if u av dis guy in ur family ur five generation wll nt suffer again

  3. hmmm;;no be here i de watch;; I pray for life so i can be able to see the outcome nd news…Na so e de be…Mind urself ooo;;take ur time like Omaumi will ever said…

  4. tonto you too like money the one wey you get never do you,i wan jump into another woman home eyaaaaaaaaa!

  5. This is a crap! This are signs of irresponsibility. What do you want a whole Bill Gate to do. Empty vessels make the most noise.

  6. This is a crap! These are signs of irresponsibility. What do you want a whole Bill Gate to do, Mr. man?. Empty vessels make the most noise. Tonto, please, money is not necessarily happiness. Look well; everything that glitters isn’t gold. A moderate man can give you peace that money-miss-road man.

  7. If not for the fact that you guys said he is a married man with family,I will say that both of them complete each other because it seems they both love posting their their belongings on net.Bros,if you are the owner of all those beautiful things,why post them,do you wanna know how far the media will carry your kidnap.

  8. Hahaha sorry for tonto dike I can’t call her a Gold digger cos she’s got her own but her problem is dat she’s confused

  9. hahahahahahaha….una dey make me laugh shaaaaa
    Abeg make una leave Tonto alone joor….
    Naijagist una own too much self, wetin be una own palava 4 her life?.
    all of una wey dey comment rubbish 4 here una own go worst pass tonto own if una mistakenly jam person wey be like this, see as una mouth dey rush like Russia.
    Tonto live your life abeg and pay no attention to this haters, well, i trust you on that doh. shikina

    • Thank you jare my lovely nuella. leave all of them ooo, if they mistakenly jam dis guy them go marry ni dem con dey beef ma tonto. leave her alone pls and face ur own life. pray to find sumone that is rich also and if u r a guy, pray so dt u will also make it big in life. Enviness is nt gud rather appreciate her.

  10. tonto u n ur bobo shuld stop disgracing urselfs, i wonder weather all d single guys in nigeria are finished, remember adultry is a sin oooo… Abeg tonto give urself a better life n stop dating ‘fairly used married men’ money is nt evritin ooo my dear…

  11. my dear,i believe tonto knws wat she is doing….my dear lady i support u……dot mind pple nd der gossip…do ur best nd God will handle d rest.i knw u ave ur own moniii so his own is just a bonus nt a ladder of upgrade 4 my lady….tonto i luv u die

  12. Tonto Dikeh Ask your b/f to go back to school and learn, because he doing like a primary school kid, more over he is not the only big DRUGS DEALER aboard

  13. omo c moni, abeg God bless me more dan this tonto guy n i promise u , dat i will use d moni wisely n will nt flaunt it on net……

  14. Queen of the skin bleaching, this name fit u so much ok but i hav only one thing to tell u ok this is the end of time so expect more of this but dont allow ur self to be used ok

  15. my advice for poko babe, is to discipline herself and stop all this shambolic acts,i am very sure it was tonto dike that approached the young billion in the first place, and with the deep research i made i discovery that the young man has a wife and two kids, the last time i saw tonto dike… i spoke to her and she rendered a responsible reply, but now with all these uncalled for news… i am extremely disappointed… it will be stupid and foolish of her if she decide to go into a relationship because of money and material tings…

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