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Top 10 Advice For Newlyweds: Marriage Success & Survival Tips For Newly Married Couples

top 10 advice for newlyweds

Top 10 Simple Advice For Newly Wedded Couples: Marriage Success and Survival Tips for Newly Married Couples

After the thrills, pomp and pageantry that comes with weddings, it is now time to settle down into a married life. This is when you realise that marriage and relationship are two very different things. One only precedes and leads to the other.

This is the most important time to get it right in your marriage because this is the foundation. It is what you build from here that you would take into the latter years of your marriage.

To make this a smooth phase, here are some tips to guide you:

Study Your Spouse All Over Again: This may sound strange considering that you are already married but the truth is that some couples never got to know each other very well before getting married.

This is therefore the time to really study and understand your partner- habits, strengths, temperaments, weaknesses etc in case you have not. Knowing this would be of great benefit to you before the children start coming.

Turn Your House Into a Home: Your house is the first port of call for both of you, away from the world. Make it a home – a haven where where you both can spend quality time together away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Love Making and Romance: If you loose this spark at this stage, it would be almost impossible to regain it. Nowadays, most  couples have already discovered a sexual rhythm before the nuptial knots are tied. Therefore, stick to what works for both of you and enjoy it.

Be sure to have loads of it at every given opportunity (you could even create such opportunities) because if it drops, getting it back up is usually futile.

Go On Adventures and Make Fun Memories: Now would be a good time to go on wild and fun adventures while still in the spirit of honeymoon and before the children start coming.

Communicate: Needless to say the importance of this. Without communication, no human relationship would thrive least of all marriage. This does not mean you should spend the whole day talking especially when you are supposed to be working however, talking about issues of interests such as politics, movies etc is s great way to help your marriage.

Look Good for Each Other: If you ignore this, I do not know when you would begin to imbibe it (most definitely not when the children have arrived). Take good care of yourself and smell nice. Your partner would not want to be put off by the stench of your body when coming to kiss or hug you. Wear flattering outfits that are sure to get you both tripping for each other all over.

Accept Each Other’s Families: Remember, marriage is an  exchange. His family becomes yours and vice versa. You must be willing to his family members (especially his mother) and treat them as you would yours.

No Secrets: Newly weds forget this rule ever so often. If there are some secrets which your partner was not aware of prior to the wedding, now would be a good time to let it out. This is to ensure that if there are repercussions, your partner would have your back.

Date Each Other Everyday: This could be going out after work for dinner, going to the movies on weekends or to the malls. Do all the fun activities together now. Remember this is a marriage not a bore.

Maintain Your Space: This is not the stage to start accommodating extended family relations. As newly weds, this is the time to have all the space you need with each other. Avoid having friends and family members crowd into the home. This does not make for quality private time and could lead to a drift.

Having identified some of the steps to help most newly weds navigate through the early stages of marriage, Here are  some trouble shooters to avoid:

Fights:These are indispensable in ever every marriage. The fact that you were in love, enough to get married does not mean they would not happen. Instead, keep your cool and try to find out the most and try to find out the root cause. This is not what you should attack hot his wife.

Money: Money matters have been identified as one of major factors leading to s divorce. It is possible that before the marriage, you probably did not know the exact salary of your spouse.

Discuss how much money would be spent on what and why and his much to the cards on the table early enough. This way the chances of disagreement over money would be really reduced.

Having Children: This is another area where couples need to work on. This is usually the time to discuss the kids to have, how to train them, etc. Couples usually disagree on this with one of them wanting more less.

The wife could decide the number she wants, while the husband fives them names. This helps to strike a balance.

Extended Families:This is a big trouble shooter. Both families nay begin to bring in their own ideologies to the couples lifestyle. Politely but firmly,you must trun them down.

Your marriage is yours and that of your spouse to live as you both please. However, you could take a handful of advice you feel are helpful.

Division of Tasks: Here unlike dating, it is not always about roses and chocolates. You both now have work to do such as house chores, financial responsibilities etc.

Talk about this and decide who does which. For flexibility, it could be rotated on a daily or monthly basis for even distribution.

So there you have the simple tips that would guide you on the path toward  a solid foundation which in the long run, would stand the test of times.

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