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Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2018 And Their Net Worth

top 10 richest comedians nigerian 2018

Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2018 And Their Net Worth

The Nigerian comic scene has, without doubt, blossomed over the past ten years. Prominent stand-up comedians are now globally-recognized for their beloved art; Comedy. In fact, popular Nigerian comedians can now stand toe-to-toe, in terms of wealth and recognition, with other entertainers (movie and music artistes) in the country. In this article, we are going to be taking you through the Nigerian comic world; to reveal to you the richest among them.

11) Tee-A

Popular Nigerian, whose real name is Tunde Adewale is one of the veteran comedians in Nigeria today. Brought to fame under the tutelage of comic king, Ali Baba, Tee-A has done well for himself over a career which spans for about two decades and still counting.

Tee-A is arguably one of the highest paid comedians in the industry. Reports have it that, he charges about one million Naira per event. Apart from being a successful comedian, Tee-A is also a businessman, with a good number of lucrative businesses within and outside Lagos.

Although, no credible estimate has been made regarding the veteran comedian’s net worth, unconfirmed reports have put his net worth in the region of 50 million Naira.

10) Gordons

 Godwin Komone, whose stage name is Gordons, is one of the most recognizable faces in the Nigerian entertainment scene today. The Delta State-born comedian is known for his rib-breaking jokes. Over the past few years, Gordons has been ever-present at every major comedy/entertainment events in Nigerian, including AY Live Show.

Currently, Gordons has an endorsement deal with telecommunications giant, Globacom. The deal is reportedly a multimillion Naira deal. Hence, with respect to Gordons illustrious career in comedy and endorsement deals, he has been estimated to be worth in the region of 65 million Naira.

9) Yaw

 Relatively unknown few years back, Yaw is unarguably one of the fastest rising comedians in the industry today. He is a very versatile comedian, with interests in stand-up comedy, TV and Social Media skits and so on.

The popular comedian, whose real name is Onu Steven, has no doubt earned himself a sizeable sum of money over the past few years. His exploits in comedy, at a time, earned him an endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria. He is, today, one of the richest comedians in the country.

It was gathered from several quarters that, the comedian owns a host of medium scale businesses in Lagos. Yaw’s net worth has been roughly estimated in the region of 50 million Naira.

 8) Mark Angel

 Mark Angel is probably the richest skit-making comedian in Nigeria. Riding behind the fame of super-talented kid prodigy, Emmanuella, Mark Angel has amassed significant wealth for himself over the past few years. He reportedly makes most of his money via YouTube and other social media skits.

Currently, his YouTube channel has the highest subscribers of any channel in the country. Reports have it that, he makes millions of Naira monthly from YouTube alone. He has an estimated net worth in the region of 40 million Naira.

7) Julius Agwu

Julius Agwu is obviously one of the most prominent Nigerian comedians. He has made a name for himself in the comic industry. He owns a comedy line, named Real Laff Entertainment. Reports have it that, the renowned comedian reportedly charges millions of Naira per show, within and outside Nigeria.

Furthermore, it has been widely rumoured that, Julius Agwu owns a multi-million naira property in Lagos and two other properties outside Lagos. He launched a book not too long ago, which reportedly earned him about 20 million Naira.

With two prominent shows (Laugh for Christ Sake & Crack Your Ribs) to his name, Julius Agwu has, without doubt, earned himself a considerable sum of money. Currently, the famous comedian has an estimated net worth of 80 million Naira.

 6) Seyi Law

 You all probably need no introduction to this comedian. He bursted onto the scene about one decade ago, when he won a comedy event hosted by AY Makun. Today, Seyi Law is one of the most prominent figures in, not only the comic industry, but the entire entertainment scene of Nigeria.

The popular comedian launched his comedy show, I Must Laugh, few years back and the show has earned him millions of Naira. Also, the popular comedian has numerous endorsement deals with top coys in the country. He has been estimated to be worth in the region of 80 million Naira.

5) Bovi

 Bovi could well pass as the best comedian in Nigeria. In fact, he is seen by many people as the best. He is comfortably one of the top five most celebrated and  highest paid comedians in Nigeria. The comedy star performs at comedy shows within and outside Nigeria

Bovi, whose real name is Ugboma Abovi, signed a multimillion Naira endorsement deal with telecom giant, GLO, only three years ago in 2015. He has an estimated net worth of  125Million Naira.

4) I Go Dye

While I Go Dye is a highly successful comedian, he has enjoyed an equal (or even more) success as a businessman. The comedian owns a business conglomerate, Revamp Constructions, with interests in construction and properties.

Also, Francis Agoda, fondly called I Go Dye, is an ambassador for the United Nations MDGs. His net worth has been estimated in the region of 120 million Naira.

 3) Basket Mouth

 Bright Okpocha, fondly called Basket Mouth, is arguably the funniest comedian in Nigeria today. Basket Mouth has maintained his spot at the top of Nigerian comedy tree for over ten years now. He has anchored several comedy events, including Glo Lafta Fest. Furthermore, the famous comedian has sold out events within and outside the country.

As one of the most popular figures in the country, Basket Mouth has countless endorsement deals with many top coys in Nigeria. He has been a brand ambassador for Globacom for over five years now and only a couple of years back, he got endorsed by Amstel Malta in a multi-million Naira deal. Basket Mouth reportedly has a net worth in the region of 150 billion Naira.

2) AY Comedian

 Ayo Makun, popular called AY Comedian, is probably the most popular comedian in Nigeria today. His comedy show, AY Live, has been the biggest entertainment event in the country over the past few years. The annual event rakes in millions of Naira every year for the comedian.

AY debuted as an actor, director and producer in Nollywood only few years back. Also, it was gathered that, the ace comedian owns a club in Lagos. AY’s net worth has been estimated in the region of 2.5 billion Naira.

 1) Ali Baba

Meet the grand pioneer of Nigerian contemporary comedy. Ali Baba has not only had a successful career, he has also assisted many comedians in achieving their dreams. Worthy of note among these comedians are AY Makun and Tee-A.

Ali Baba reportedly charges up to 5 million Naira per show. Also, he is the proud owner of a magnificent structure, located in Lekki, Lagos Island. Reports have suggested that, the Lekki mansion is worth about 300 million Naira. The legend has an estimated net worth of  500million Naira.

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  1. iron bar

    November 8, 2018 at 2:02 AM

    soccer which was neglected made a lot of guys rich and table has turned to comedians hitting it big .they can even match up to brand name singers and nolly wood big wigs..may God bless everyones hustle.

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