Toyin Aimakhu Praises Husband For New Year’s Gift, Asks For Car & House

toyin aimakhu husband

January 1st, 2015 – Toyin Aimakhu Praises Husband Adeniyi Johnson For Shoe & Earrings New Year’s Gift, Asks Him For Car & House

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu has showered encomium on her hubby and colleague, actor Adeniyi Johnson for buying her earrings and shoes as New Year’s gift.

She however said she is longing for a day he will buy her a car and a house like her colleague, Mercy Aigbe who got a brand new SUV from her hotelier hubby, Lanre Gentry as New Year’s gift..

In her own words:

“thanks alot for the shoe and earrings I love them kiss kiss,I can’t wait for the day u will buy me a car and house… I’m patiently waiting and praying for u oko mi….I’m gonna rock the earring and shoe today yippee..I love u ademi and thanks for for the new year gift once again u rock baby, cute husband..ogaju fine boy”

9 thoughts on “Toyin Aimakhu Praises Husband For New Year’s Gift, Asks For Car & House

  1. Dis is how ladies turn their husband in robbers and fraudsters. So where do u want him to get money to buy u a car. Use your brain Toyin not ur feeling

  2. eno inok, inok ete sin usin. ubok isimeke, iton anyanade. mkpokobi oyom oyim. (What the hand cannot reach, the neck sticks out
    for it) What a tantalizing situation you are in! Can’t you sweat yourself to the bone to acquire your choiced property? Your hubby just got u a pair of shoes ,,, and a set of an earring & u are demanding for a car & a house. Won’t u demand for a private jet, the day he finally buys u a car & a house? envying your colleague at her property is not worth indirectly sending your to steal just to make u happy. Is your hubby Mercy Aigbe’s class? Guys/Hubby please, kindly refuse to be sweetalked into robbery by your wives/girlfriends.

  3. don’t push your husband if he have he will do it for u,And don’t cuppy anybody because you dont no where they got there money from.

  4. I cant just stop loving dis lady’s being contempted in her marrriage. She only used dat expression 2 pray 4 when d husband would be prosperous, pls try 2 understand d innocent wishes

  5. Simple English, dia is nothing bad in wot she said, She’s just imagining d her hubby wil get her these things, she’s not showing any anxiety towards it.

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