Trailer Driver Killed Passerby In Hit & Run Accident In Akure Ondo State

hit and run accident akure ondo state

August 15, 2013 – Trailer Driver Killed Passerby In Hit And Run Accident In Akure Ondo State

Below is an eyewitness report of a terrible hit and run accident that happened in Ogbese, a village very close to Akure in Ondo State Nigeria yesterday.

This is rather disheartening to see that people could be so heartless to the extent that a trailer driver would hit a Passerby, drive on the Corpse , and run away! ! ! This is the situation at Ogbese, located close to Akure, Ondo state.

Am a passenger en route Akure to Port Harcourt and I have been stranded in this traffic for 5hrs due to the above scenario.

Unfortunately the Residents of the Community have taken laws into their hands as they have stated burning tires and destroying other trailers.

Due to their agitations, they are tilling the tarred road in a bit to construct bumps as they feel its the solution to the unending accident on the major road.

Although lots of effort have been put in place such as Police officers, FRSC, JTF, ARMY, the King and Chiefs of the community and unbelievably, the Chief of Staff of Ondo State but all to no avail.

Please we need Federal Government’s urgent solution to his menace.

See more photos from the accident scene below

trailer driver killed passerby in akure ondo state

road accident in akure ondo state

motor accident in akure ondo state

13 thoughts on “Trailer Driver Killed Passerby In Hit & Run Accident In Akure Ondo State

  1. though it’s painful but i think that very road is an highway, people of these communities should learn how to cross highways. when u see on-coming vehicles wait for some minutes, dnt be in a rush, 5 to 10 minutes or so to wait is better than rushing to die. destroying vehicles and road is not the solution. carefulness and patience is it.

  2. nemesis will surely catch up with this heartless driver… he will be hit by a trailer also, drive on his corpse and in turn run away in God’s name..

  3. May the Lord continue to save us. The state of our roads is beyond imagination and innocent lives are lost on daily basis. May the good Lord forgive the driver of the truck. If he wait, he will be attacked and killed and that will not bring back the lost soul.
    Our appeal to the Govt is to repair the bad roads and not to wait until dissaster happen.

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