Train Crushed Man To Death In Oshodi Lagos; Tragedy At The Arena Market

train crushed man oshodi lagos

Sept 26, 2013 – Moving Train Crushed Man To Death In Oshodi Lagos (Tragedy At The Arena Market)

A young man met his untimely death this morning at a popular train track in Bolade area of Oshodi Lagos very close to the Arena Market.

According to an eyewitness report, the unidentified man was walking with his friends when the train crushed him.

The eyewitness said while the train was coming, the deceased friends warned him, they even tried to pull him off the track but he refused.

Minutes after his refusal, the fast moving train crushed him into pieces.

“I went to Bolade/Oshodi to buy some items. While trying to buy the items, I saw some young men walking on the railway tracks while the train was coming from Agege. Suddenly I saw some men telling one of their friends to leave the tracks but he refused, only to be crushed a few seconds later.” – the eye witness said

The deceased remains has been packed by his friends.

Do you think his friends could have done better to save his life?

10 thoughts on “Train Crushed Man To Death In Oshodi Lagos; Tragedy At The Arena Market

  1. hahaaa lainone,y will u say dat?according to the news,d friend told him to vacate the place but the guy dont just shift the whole blame to the friend

  2. i think the argument here is that the friends could have pushed him off the track or something more aggressive to save his life
    May be he is a village boy visiting lagos for the first time

  3. I cnt believe such tale, bt if I may ask is the man deaf and blind? Huh Nigerians tink twice. Or was a student that was affected by the ASUU stike.

  4. D deafning sound of a moving train can alert any form of deafness or blindness. Bt acc 2 d story, d young man in qust was nt any of these. So, if u ask me i tink d guy was real frustrated abt sth unknown 2 his frnds, n he had decide 2 kill himself just 2 end it all. D rzn y he didn‘t pay heed 2 his frnds warnings, he had made up his mind 2 die. Dis is more of a suiside nt accident.

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