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most popular transport companies in nigeria Latest News Updates

Top 10 Most Popular Transport Companies In Nigeria And Their Owners

most popular transport companies in nigeria

Top 10 Most Popular Transport Companies In Nigeria And Their Owners

Road transportation in Nigeria can very often be an uncomfortable affair. For this reason people tend to favor transport companies which promise comfort and all round quality travel services.

There are a large number of transport companies in Nigeria but only a handful of these companies tend to stand out.

Top 10 Transport Companies In Nigeria

Here are a few transport companies, some promise travel safety or travel comfort and some promise both. But all in all, these Nigerian transport companies have good reputable services.

God Is Good Motors /

God is Good Motors arguably occupies the number one spot amongst transport companies in Nigeria. The transport service promises efficient and quality services. It was established in 1998.

God is Good Motors also offers bus rental services. Available too, is the GIGM sector for the safe and careful movement of cargo to desired locations. This service is carried out by the logistics branch of this company. Its headquarters is situated in Benin, Edo state.

This transport company covers the road routes of about ten states in Nigeria. It was established by Deacon Edwin Ajaere and his wife Mrs. Stella Ajaere. The running and management of the company now rests in the hands of the Ajaere family, due to the passing of its founder Deacon Edwin Ajaere in 2009.

God is good transport has an estimated number of 500 buses and still counting. The company makes more than fifty trips to various locations on a daily basis.

Through their online services, you can make your bookings with utmost convenience. Booking made via their websites reportedly attracts a discount. The GIGM app is also available for download on play store for the further convenience of customers.

Chisco Transport Limited

This transport company has its presence in all the states of Nigeria. It boasts of buses which are over 500 in number. Chisco reportedly conveys a combined number of about six thousand passengers through Nigeria on a daily basis.

Chisco transport does not only make local travels, it makes international trips to surrounding regions like Togo and Ghana.

It was founded by Dr. Chidi Anyaegbi in 1981 and has gradually grown, expanding its brand in no small measure since then. It services now include management of supply chains and logistics as well.

Chisco Transport has a good number of years of experience to its advantage. It boasts of solid values and deep knowledge on the needs of its customers. Chisco transport has an appealing reward package for their frequent and loyal customers.

Their transport services include the West Coast Express which deals with border travels. Chisco blazers are the company buses of 15 seats which deliver passengers to their destinations fast and safely. Chisco executive contains a complete package of individual sitting comfort as well as meal provisions and availability of toilet facilities. The night travel service is provided by this transport company too.

Over the years Chisco transport has won a great number of awards and has been recognized by several reputable local and international organizations.

Some of such awards and recognitions include one from the Federal Road Safety Corps in 2016. Chisco Transport Limited also won the Transport Company of the Year award for West Africa. It entered into partnership with the Nigerian Ministry of Aviation in 2017.

A mobile application and website is available for easy booking. All selected services of Chisco transport Limited promise the best travel comfort and safety.

ABC Motors

ABC motors, yet another reputable Nigeria transport company. It has its head quarters at Owerri, Imo state. The company was set up in 1993.

The organization makes local trips and international road trips to countries like Ghana and Togo. Local trips within Nigeria include major city destinations like Calabar, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan and the likes.

As a company, they deliver quality services which leave customers satisfied. This transport company has been awarded on several occasions due to the great quality of their services.

ABC transport provides good and affordable services. Allowances are made as well for discounts to its customers. This further makes their services more appealing. It provides discounts as much as 50% for children. Their discounts extend to Nigerian Youth Corps members who make use of ABC services. Travelers who use ABC transport for about 11 times in a year get the 12th trip absolutely free.

It has qualified transport drivers who put safety first and strictly obey road traffic laws to ensure that passengers are not put in any form of risk.

The company has a list of services which customers can choose from. The sprinter service is one of such. It goes to various locations in Nigeria, usually carries about fourteen (14) passengers providing them with utmost comfort for body movement and stretches. The bus is also air conditioned and offers meals at stipulated terminals.

ABC Executive Express; As the name implies, the Executive Express service ensures that your trip is made under the most distinguished and comfortable conditions.

Allowance is made for the relaxation of passengers. The seats ensure the passengers are not cramped up. The vehicle is fully air conditioned and meal provisions are made, as well as toilet provisions. This trip is usually hitch-free and as fast as possible because the vehicles hardly need to make stops on the road.

ABC Coach West Africa transport service plies outside the borders of Nigeria. They go to countries in West Africa. One of these countries is Ghana. ABC Coach West Africa provides a great travel experience to a few select countries in the West African region.

ABC Cargo service is the available service through which the company provides excellent cargo services and promises the safety of your goods through to its target delivery location. The price for general cargo services largely depends on the weight and nature of the cargo. But whatever the size and nature of the cargo, be assured that ABC will provide fair prices for their services.

Booking for any one of these services can be done through the ABC mobile App of via the ABC official website.

Young Shall Grow

It was established by Dr. Chidi Amechi in the year 1972, in the Eastern region of Nigeria. Young Shall Grow began with a head base in Onitsha but later transferred to the city of Lagos.

It has grown over the years from its days of owning just two vehicles, to a vehicle fleet of 500 which continues to grow. It travels the various routes of Nigeria and some West African routes as well.

The booking for their various services can be done at their various office locations or online and via email for comfort and ease.

Young shall grow performs courier service too with excellence and efficiency. The prices for transporting both human and cargo are very affordable.

G.U.O Transport

G.U.O transport was set up in 1980. It covers transport locations within Nigeria and neighboring regions. The company headquarters is located in Lagos State.

Available to customers are buses with a variety of seating capacities, some even seat as little as seven people. G.U.O has a website for easy booking and the needed information on their various services.

It is a family owned business and an extension of G.U Okeke and Sons. They provide human transportation as well as courier services with safety and efficiency. This guarantees pleased and satisfied customers. Additionally they offer airport pickups and hotel services.

Ifesinachi Transport

It was set up by Mr. Smart Egbeobawaye. Its transport reaches, covers major city locations and business routes in Nigeria.

Ifesinachi transport provides human transportation. Available also are warehouse and courier services. The company reportedly puts in much effort to make sure their services are very satisfactory to customers and inviting to potential customers.

As expected, online booking and mobile booking apps have been provided by this company.

Bonny Way Motors

Bonny Motors is a great transportation company, founded in 1998 with just two vehicles. The company doesn’t only deal with the transport of people and the movement cargo. They have an arm which deals with the supply of various automobiles and motor parts locally and internationally.

Cross Country Limited

This company began its transport services in the year 2002. The company has its headquarters situated at Yaba, Lagos. It is said to provide good transport services to its customers.

Special service is extended to Youth Corp members going to camp. At such times, Cross Country provides direct trips to all NYSC camp locations and provides refreshments along the way too.

Cross Country Limited covers close to thirty locations in the country. They own transport buses which are over 500 in number. This company plies few West African routes too.

Benue Links

Though a state owned Transport Company, Benue Links is worth a mention. It makes trips to all states in Nigeria. It also makes trips to city locations and sub-city locations.

The headquarters is located at Gboko road Makurdi, Benue State. They provide very safe transport services. The company’s drivers are well skilled and properly adhere to safety rules and regulations. Transportation prices are fair and very affordable.

The company was created in 1988. It is owned by the state government of Benue. Benue links currently has well over 1500 buses excluding small vehicles. Their terminals can be found in almost every state in the federation.

Peace Mass Transit

Peace Mass Transit is a very well known transport organization. Its head office is located in Enugu. Its transport routes cover a wide expanse of the country.

Booking trips and making payments can be easily done as they too provide online booking services.

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