True Confession Of A Cheating Husband Who Escaped Death

April 21st, 2014 – True Confession Of A Cheating Husband Who Escaped Death

Please this is a true life story of a cheating husband who escaped death recently.

Read his story and drop your inputs:

“My wife is currently weeping, thinking i am dead, my family is mourning and my burial arrangements have been concluded, if only they knew i was still alive. my story is rather complex but true, i was scheduled to board the malaysian aircraft that crashed is currently missing, actually that was what i told my wife and a few friends, i told them i was going on a business trip but i boarded another aircraft heading to bangalore to meet with my lover who i met on Tagged. now the problem is, the plane i told them i boarded crashed and there were no survivors. i seriously don’t know what to do, i cant live knowing that my wife, kids and relatives are some where in deep pain when i am actually alive. i have since broken up things with the mistress…..pls what do i do?”

See GOBE! What do you think this man should do?

23 thoughts on “True Confession Of A Cheating Husband Who Escaped Death

  1. Don’t worry they will be happy when you tell them you have resurrected with Jesus. This is easter time so they will surely believe yo story.

  2. God has given u anoda chance to repent so go bck to ur family nd confess to them, and God will surely 4give u

  3. Please tell your family you missed the flight but took a later flight. Please do not cheat on your wife again.

  4. You go back to them immediately and tell them the truth, the truth will set u free.The more u ignore the worsen it becomes aword is enough for the wise.

  5. yeye people, board a flight to Lagos, take a molue going to obalende and drop at the middle of the third mainland bridge. then just into the river. your problem will be solved. true life story my foot, yeye people for wasting my time and megabyte.


  7. No need of u hiding,just go back home,tell ur wife d truth she will absolutely 4give u.”a second chance 4 u to repent”

  8. Hahahahahahahahaha Or or or mr man u beta stay there cos comin home is stil anoda flight dnt say i dnt warn nd if u cn disapear frm there its al fo ur gud

  9. Somthn tels me dis story aint true. It’s izi 4 ur family 2 knw u were not in d missing MH370. Didnt they hav a manifest 4d plane? Or did u also smuggle ur name in2 d manifest? Den u must b James Bond–no, Bond James–no, Bames Jond.
    Next story!

  10. Add more story from how you sold firewood to pay your school fees at 10,grew to a bus conductor and met your wife when her car broke down in the middle of no where only for you help her push the car 300 miles to the nearest mechanic after which she gave you hope,married you and made you somebody and you paid her back by cheating with a foreign lady which made you lie about your real destination and ended up as the living dead.Am sure it will sell better than your half baked story to movie producers than the missing flight.fabricated story.sorry red is not buying that,but thanks for the entertainment .

  11. This is an opportunity for u to amend yr ways and be faithful to your wife. More grease to your elbows.

  12. After reading this a second time, I came to realize this is a made up story. This guy is a fucking liar who wants to land a movie role. This is bullshit.

  13. Indeed God has given u anoda chance to repent so go to ur family tell them the truth and ask for forgiveness

  14. There was no African listed on the list of those on flight# 370. So where and how did this bozo get on the plane? Liar.

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