True Love Story: The Day Obinna Proposed To Me In My Village

true love story

October 2nd, 2016 – True Love Story: The Day Obinna Proposed To Me In My Village

Looking back at my humble beginning often brings tears to my eyes but I guess God was using it to prepare me for a great destiny.

My parents died early and I was forced to go and live with my Uncle in Enugu as their maid. His wife maltreated me and they refused to send me to the university even after I made good grades in my WAEC. I met Obinna in the same compound where my uncle lives and we started a relationship.

When my aunt found out, she chased me back to the village and I lost contact with him. After two years, I was shocked to see Obinna trace me to my village and propose marriage to me. As I’m writing this now, I’m on my way to the airport to visit him in China. True love does exist and I’m glad I found mine.

Chinma writes from Enugu

11 thoughts on “True Love Story: The Day Obinna Proposed To Me In My Village

  1. True love do exist is just that, finding it is very difficult. Sometimes, it appears as if it doesn‘t exists but if you seek it deligently, you will find but then, there must be a price to pay cos a man who must get a Bird with rare feathers should know how much it would take him to plunder through the bush.

    I take a stroll…

  2. the last i heard of something similar was in a nollywood movie.. have never believed that something like this really exist but now i think i can become a fan of love… Happy for you Mhiz… Enjoy yah life but be careful because…..

    #cluless human

  3. Nonsens. So bicos he is a haver of money is make you to gree? If say is me weyris come upon your village to say I wanting you with a marriage, are you gree?

  4. Glad u know yourself that true love does exist. if you truly love him too… be careful not to mess yourself up. cos u might never found one again for the rest of your life !!!

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