Tuesday Inspiration: Be Creative, Be Inspired, Be Unique

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April 19, 2016 – Tuesday Inspiration: Be Creative, Be Inspired, Be Unique

As an aspiring world changer,  I love to do things differently from others.

I love the idea of being unique, independent, and separate from society’s ideals. I’ve tried to live my life based on challenging the status quo.

However, this isn’t very easy & it certainly hasn’t been for me. In childhood, sometimes we’re taught at a young age to listen to the ideas of our parents, teachers, siblings, etc. – this is just programming us to believe in what they believe.

As creators, innovators and world changers- we need to start believing in our ideas, our intuition, and our dreams. Being able to do this- oh wow- the amazing things we can accomplish!

What if we allowed more acceptance to be different, be unique, be creative – Do you think we’d have more innovators? More people who change worlds? Certainly

So keep in mind that there is ONLY ONE you!

Differentiate yourself from others by being creative.

If you look within and set your creative power into motion, your achievement here on earth will be limitless.

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Inspiration: Be Creative, Be Inspired, Be Unique

  1. That’s great! I think that somebody like Sammy Okposo needs a lesson on this. You don’t do a rehash on a circular song and convert it into gospel and then expect me to scream for you. The kudos go to the originator.

  2. Thank you NG. Being creative is the best and I’m still thinking the best way to package my soap. I will try harder now.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the quote that says to lose the fear of being wrong. Most often, we worry if our ideas will work. But, life is not like that. It’s a laboratory where we can perform experiments and get positive or negative results. If we get the latter, it’s a call to start over, albeit more intelligently. If we get the former, it’s proof that our concept will work and we seek ways to fine-tune to make it even better.

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