Toyin Aimakhu Begs Seun Egbegbe Over Threat To Career & Family

toyin aimakhu begs seun egbegbe

April 19, 2016 – Toyin Aimakhu Apologises To Seun Egbegbe Over Threat To Career & Family

The controversial actress who is currently in the United States has tendered an official apology to Seun Egbegbe.

Whispering birds in the US informed sources at home that Toyin called the Ebony Films boss few days ago to apologise to him.

Though he initially ignored Toyin’s text and Whatsapp message but he reportedly picked her call the second day.

The duo reportedly talked it over with the intervention of some elders in the industry.

We learnt that Toyin made the desperate call when she sensed that the man is threatening her family members in Ibadan especially her parents.

15 thoughts on “Toyin Aimakhu Begs Seun Egbegbe Over Threat To Career & Family

  1. Chai.. This Toyin‘ exit from Seun‘s Range Rover SUV‘s life is really hurting him o. He is soooo desperate that he now resort to threatning her family back home!

    Toyin, pls don‘t let this man commit suicide o.
    Pls just tell him you love him even though its obvious you nolonger do.
    So that he does not end up taking (Ogwuoke) Rat poison for your sake o.
    Pls do this just for the benefit of tranquility or unless you want to attend his funeral.

    My strolling continues o….

  2. I think this Seun of a man need to be taught a lesson before he wakes up from his dreamland to realise that Toyin is nolonger under his control.

    Why threatning her family? For what if I may ask? What an effrontery? What has Toyin‘s family got to do with with his break up? He was even lucky they did not sue him for threating a ban on Toyin not to be featured by any producer.

    I take to strolling…

  3. Toyin u have brought urslf so low imagine ur news online everyday especially with this segun that has so rubbish u its a big shame.

  4. D girl is not woman enough, she is confuse & lack what it takes in terms of socialisation..
    She better amend her way now bcos it’s bring alot set back in ur carrier wen pple begin to hear controversies abt u…

  5. she is not woman enough.
    she open her mouth widely to vomit rubbish wen she don’t even know her stand.
    she better amend her ways

  6. This cannot be true. I thought her mother was a pastor and a general overseer of more that 3 churches. why would she be afraid of Seun Egbegbe or what’s his name.

  7. @opinion if it happened dat u were in her husband shoes wil u still accept her back as ur wife? After al dis news everywhere.

  8. i no fit shout ooooo
    see me see trouble person say e no wnt u no go leave her ehhhh
    but may we think dis tin well oooo na love dey disturbe dis guy.any dat love for me and u(do want u have to do jest for the sake of love imagen)

  9. From seun point of view,it seem he(seun) still love Toyin and that is why he is threating her parent. Stupid man would’nt u go and look for whom to marry.

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