Twitter Suspends Concerned Nigerian Who Blamed Obama For Rising Crime Rate In Nigeria

twitter suspends nigerian blaming obama rising crime nigeria

Concerned Nigerian Blamed Barack Obama For Moral Bankruptcy In Nigeria, Blames Him For Enforcing Abroad Culture On Goodluck Jonathan Administration

Twitter Suspends Nigerian Who Blamed Obama For Rising Crime Rate In Nigeria

Mr Kelvin Odanz, a popular social media critic has lost his Twitter account hours after he blamed Ex-US President Barack Obama for wrecking Nigeria.

Mr Odanz shared this opinion below and hours later, his account got suspended.

twitter suspends nigerian blame obama rising crime nigeria

Here is what he wrote before the social media site suspended him.

nigerian blames obama nigeria problem

What  happened to freedom of speech??.

8 thoughts on “Twitter Suspends Concerned Nigerian Who Blamed Obama For Rising Crime Rate In Nigeria

  1. A rat blaming almighty Obama.
    Who do u think u are. Banning you will pull no hair from any body.
    But if you are Trump, you can get ur account reinstated in 2 hours.
    Sorry life of a Nigerian

  2. Thought Twitter is owned by Gbadamosi in Minna, so, na Ame own am. Please share more of your opinions and secrets.

  3. This guy is well informed and an independent THINKER who never allow the propaganda media promoting the evil agenda they used intelligent and eloquent Obama to promote sway his sense of reasoning.

  4. I know that some naive Nigerians are quick to defend any democratic President, but always fail to do thorough juxtaposition to sufficiently arrive at intelligent conclusion. Folks, what Kelvin said are current, l regretted voting for Obama. We Nigerians don’t understand these people, even I regretted voting for Bill Clinton. If you truly know who they are, you will be overwhelmed by soul bursting silence. Folks should go and read the book of revelation and make sure you understand its directions. The media will tell you that the other party is not good, for me, both are of the devil, neither is better. Lastly, Joyful Amaka, you need to watch your language; how can Obama be “almighty”? Folks, please stay away from elementary and be knighted thinking.

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