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Uche Elendu: Eucharia Anunobi Is My Role Model, She Prays For Me & Gives Me Spiritual Guidance

eucharia anunobi role modelNollywood actress Uche Elendu, in this interview with Lanre Odukoya recounts pivotal moments in her career, life while also sharing the ideals she holds dear. See excerpts;

Could you share with us your life as an actress? How did it all begin?
Well, it all started over 10 years ago when I was still in the university when a friend introduced me to her father who was a veteran actor at the time. He saw the talent and passion I had in interpreting roles, he decided to give me a shot and look at where I am today. Life as an actress has its ups and downs.

The popularity is a plus and also a minus too. Once you step out of your house, automatically you become other people’s business. I don’t usually have that freedom to do what I used to do freely before like taking strolls, going to the market and so on… But all the same I thank God because it is by His Grace that I am where I am today.

Let’s talk about some memorable moments in life and your career
There are actually few of them but I will mention just one. Some years back when I was coming back from a movie location, by the special Grace of God I survived a ghastly motor accident involving my car and a lorry at a cross junction in the night. The lorry had no headlights so I didn’t see it coming. As I drove to cross, the lorry collided with me from the side.

I didn’t even know what happened until I found myself in the hospital. Unfortunately the lorry driver didn’t make it. Anybody who had seen how my vehicle was wrecked wouldn’t have believed that the driver of the car survived. I had my family and friends praying for me so I pulled through, all thanks to God. Since that day till now I have never stopped thanking God for sparing my life because not everyone that would have been in my situation would have been so lucky.

Also childbirth on both occasions were trying moments for me, my first child coming after over 14 hours of intense labour and complications came out lifeless, but God in His infinite mercies used a nurse to give her mouth to mouth respiration and she heaved a breathe before the doctors took action because they had already given up. And having my second angel after nine years of having the first child wasn’t easy at all but honestly these things just make me more assured that I’m special to God and I’m indeed a child of grace.

Who are those you admire and see as role models?

I admire Eucharia Anunobi a lot because of how passionate she is about her job and she goes all out to interprets her roles, She has been my role model since I got into the industry, and she’s someone I can work with anytime also we seem to have similar areas of interest and spiritually we connect, we also look alike, I receive a lot of prayers and spiritual advice and guidance from her. Also I admire the likes of Olu and Joke Jacobs, Genevieve among others. These are all great professionals I admire. My mum is my role model for sure due to the way she handled my siblings and I while growing up and the role she has continually played in our lives and is still playing in the life of my children both physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.



  1. Gabriel Aderinto

    March 3, 2018 at 8:14 AM

    Is that why you are also a single mother

    • Yemi Akande

      March 3, 2018 at 10:54 AM

      haha that is too harsh is it now a single to be a single mother

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