Uche Elendu’s Husband Prince Walter Igweanyiba Divorced Her, Set To Marry Beauty Queen

uche elendu husband divorced her

Oct 5, 2016 – Uche Elendu’s Husband Prince Walter Ogochukwu Igweanyiba Divorced Her, Set To Marry Beauty Queen Ekwosiobi Sandra Chichi

It is no longer news that Nollywood actress Uche Elendu’s marriage to Owerri Millionaire Prince Walter Ogochukwu Igweanyiba has crashed.

The marriage contracted in Owerri Imo State back in 2012 is blessed with two kids sadly, the couple has parted ways.

prince walter divorced nollywood actress

Ogo Walter is now getting ready to marry beauty Queen Sandra Chichi Ekwosiobi, the former Queen of Aso Universe.

Ekwosiobi Sandra Chichi

Uche Elendu reportedly married him for his money back in 2012, now another lady is doing the same.

Prince Ogo in his office

Showbiz ladies and “Ready Made Men” syndrome… Nawa..

9 thoughts on “Uche Elendu’s Husband Prince Walter Igweanyiba Divorced Her, Set To Marry Beauty Queen

  1. Another divorce saga waiting ahead , prince ogo ,shine your eye and reduce your high class ladies taste if you really want to build a happy home and family. You are not that all handsome in looking apart from your wealth, other wise the same mistake will definitely repeat it self . You you are blessed with wealth already and a moderate lady will be the answer for you .

  2. What happened to the first wife will surely happen to the second. A man abandoned his wife and kids to marry you and you think he will stay with you? .never

  3. The man was not smiling in the wedding photograph with Uche so maybe he was not happy in that marriage from day one. He should smile in the photographs the second time around so the marriage will last.
    Mchweeeeeew ! What is beauty queen that is as fine as your first wife that you look for flimsy excuse to put away ? You work for happiness before it stays and no money can buy it. Just saying o !!!

  4. i swear oooooo, i taught he will learn from his experience but he seems like a fool hw could he think that beauty queen loves him shes just after his money GOSH this man needs help

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