Uche Ogbodo Reveals Real Age As She Marks Birthday Today

how old is uche ogbodo

May 17, 2016 – In Pictures: Uche Ogbodo Full Of Joy As She Marks 30th Birthday Today

The beautiful actress told fans she clocked 30 today Tuesday May 17 2016.

Here are some photos she shared on her official IG page today.

Happy Birthday to her.

14 thoughts on “Uche Ogbodo Reveals Real Age As She Marks Birthday Today

  1. Hmm…NG.. See one of your posts above: In 2015, she celebrated her 37th birthday. In 2016, 30th?
    Is it Uche making the mistake or NG?

  2. You are as old as you remember so why split hair over mere numbers. This age thing is all hearsay since no one was aware when they were born. Therefore whatever you are told or whatever you remember is okay.
    Happy birthday to you and let haters go celebrate their own if they can afford it.

  3. Why are most Africans not real with themselves? How can this old woman still be 30yrs of age?

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