UN Rejects Ex-Employee, Nigerian Journalist Arrested For Bank Robberies In New York

un employee bank robbery new york

April 18, 2017 – United Nations Distances Self From Nigerian Journalist Arrested For Robbing 4 Banks In Manhattan New York

53-year-old Nigerian citizen, Abdullahi Shuaibu was yesterday arrested by police after his 2-month robbery spree at 4 banks in Manhattan area of New York.

The suspect who specialises in robbing banks during his lunch hour is said to be an employee of the United Nations till November 2013.

He however dragged the name of the organisation into the mud after a retired police officer identified him on the surveillance image previously released by the New York Police Department.

Abdullahi Shuaibu

Shuaibu was accused of robbing a Santander Bank on Madison Avenue on the 27th of February 2017. In March, he robbed another Santander Bank and a Bank of America in Manhattan.

His last operation was on Monday when he walked into an HSBC bank around 2:30pm and demanded for cash. He reportedly kept his hand in the pocket while simulating a gun.

nigerian journalist arrested bank robbery new york

He left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash and was arrested when he returned to the United Nations building in New York where he usually take refugee with the aid of his colleagues.

He was yesterday charged with two counts of robbery and two counts of attempted robbery for the crimes committed during his two-month robbery spree.

13 thoughts on “UN Rejects Ex-Employee, Nigerian Journalist Arrested For Bank Robberies In New York

  1. He was trying some ” multitasking skills” and it is such a pity.if abroad is not good with him, he should have returned to Naija…

    • You really do know him? What’s he like as a person? (I mean outside of all of this current situation)

  2. I could swear that this was the nationality of another country using the Nigerian passport – as do very many other foreigners abroad: just because Nigeria is the biggest black nation in Africa and our passports are easily obtainable in our embassies abroad. BE that as it may, it is highly unusual to see an Hausa person (as implied from his name), mingling with ‘ordinary’ citizens let alone commit such robberies. It is just not what happens anywhere. A true, genuine criminal Nigerian will more likely do online or other fraud not blatantly go and rob and run into the UN building. We are just not that inclined.

  3. He might be one of these guys obtaining travel visa from naija using their passport like the beninoise guy arrested weeks ago that stole his masters money in lagos,obtained usa visa in lagos but was apprehended as he planned to take off abroad.

  4. He’s probably suffering from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) there must be some underlying mental health issues.

  5. There has to be a logical explanation as to why he’d done what he did. There’s gotta be more to what meets the eye

  6. He’s cleaver, but evil and devil was watching sorry nigga you got to pay if found guilty otherwise you are a free man.

  7. @ Shola Anibaba, stop that illusion that he was being set up. NewYork is not Nigeria. Is he a Politician, Senator or a Governor from your Banana Republic called Nigeria?. Before they could probably arraign him, they have gathered enough evidence to make sure he is the right person before proceeding on his case.

    Another thing is, if this guy is convicted of this crime, he will spend the rest of his natural live in State Penitentiary. In some States he may face death sentencing especially if it’s involved death.

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