Unable To Pay Her Hospital Bill, Pregnant Nigerian Woman Left To Die At Garrison Clinic In Port-Harcourt

pregnant woman die clinic port harcourt

Dec 2nd, 2012 – Unable To Pay Her Hospital Bill, Pregnant Nigerian Woman Left To Die At Garrison Clinic In Port-Harcourt

A pregnant Nigerian lady has died because doctors in Port Harcourt insisted the husband must pay N20,000, less than $150, before she was treated. And her family members are still in shock about her death, such that they are not even thinking of burying her for now.

The 34 year old woman, Ijeoma Umumadumere, nee Ahamefule, was rushed in the morning of 25 November to Garrison Clinic in Port Harcourt, when she complained of a sudden stomach pain and headache, while cooking. Her husband rushed her to the clinic on Udom street in the oil rich city. It was between 9-10 a.m. And she was five-months pregnant.

But doctors and nurses would not attend to the pregnant woman because the husband only had N5,000 on him, instead of the N20,000 being demanded, as a precondition for treatment. Even the N5,000 the man had on him had been used to offset registration and other costs.

Her brother, based in Austria could not understand why doctors in a Nigerian hospital could have so callously and uncaringly treated the woman, pregnant with her first child. As he put it:

“Her husband begged the doctor and the nurses to attend to her since they had collected about N5, 000 he had in his pocket in the name of registration and other little things while he would go home and bring money. He had also told them that because of the nature of the emergency and the way his wife had been shouting while on the ground that his mind had only been pre-occupied with the thoughts of rushing her to any nearby hospital and had not thought of money or any other thing as he had even forgotten to put on shoes, but all his pleading and explanations to the doctor and the nurses had fallen onto deaf ears. With her pains increasing and death knocking and the doctor and the nurses refusing to understand, there was no way he could have left her there unattended, to go home and bring money. He took her and headed to another hospital, but unfortunately my sister did not make it as the damage had already been done before the doctors in that second hospital could do something reasonable to save her life.”

“What a country, what a failure and what a loss! This is a sad story of the sorry state of the Nigerian health policy, how Nigerians are heartlessly and carelessly neglected because of money by doctors and nurses to die in hospitals, and how I lost my sister to a failed system,” wrote Uzoma Ahamefule, based in Austria.

Many hospitals in Nigeria, both private and public, are in the habit of asking for pre-payment from patients, even when the case is an emergency (PM News)

Haba some of these doctors are heartless. Some of them value money more than human life.

May her soul rest in perfect peace!

26 thoughts on “Unable To Pay Her Hospital Bill, Pregnant Nigerian Woman Left To Die At Garrison Clinic In Port-Harcourt

  1. This’s a misnormal,d health practitners in dt clinic ar heartles,wud dey lik dr own relativs or themsefs 2 b treatd as such,atlist dey shd hav pity on d pregnant woman & nt money…it’s 2 persons dt ar lost here,atlist dey cud’ve stabilisd her…wt a cruel world we liv,may her gentle soul & dat of d unborn rest in d bosom of God..amen.

  2. Y would a normal human being prefer money 2 d life of anoda human? Sorry 4 u doc, u jux had a hand in d death of 2 people….ur handz are stained…the blood of dat child will haunt u

  3. That clinic should be burnt with the owner or the people managing it , is that how to act in a case of emergency? Money first? Shame on you Mr Doctor, can you wake the dead? . Nigerian hospitals are death zones anyway both public and private , the nurses are always saucy while the so called Doctors are always acting busy doing nothing in particular ,.

  4. i really imagine how human being will see fellow person lik u dyin and u stnd and refuse to rescue cos of money,it is pure wickedness……….may God av mercy on d doctors and nurses and may ur sister’s soul rest in peace.Amen

  5. As pathetic as this story appears to be, it is unfortunately incomplete. One would have wanted to hear the hospital management’s side of the story in addition to first hand information from the husband of the deceased rather than from someone from AUSTRIA!!

  6. U thnk bcus u’re a doctor u r safe? God is watchin, wat shall it profit a man if he gains d whole world n loose is soul? 1 day u will tell d almighty God ur story @doctor

  7. Why is it that health personnels are changing from good to bad every day? what a professional misconduct! Patient’s health should be d first thing as outlined in d professional health ethics.

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