UNILAG Student Kidnapped, Raped By Jealous Boyfriend; Suspect Arrested

unilag student raped

June 27, 2013 – UNILAG Student Kidnapped, Raped For Rejecting Love Advances; Suspect Arrested

Policemen attached to Adeniji Adele division have arrested a 22-year-old man who alleged kidnapped and raped a student of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, Akoka, for turning down his advances.

The suspect, Babajide Bashorun, was also alleged to have taken nude shots of his victim (names withheld) and pasted them on the internet with her real name, school, department and age.

But the suspect in an interview with Vanguard claimed that the lady was his girlfriend. He admitted to have taken her nude pictures and gave them to his friends whose identities he gave as Aje Mayowa and Babajide Ademuyiwa, both final year students of  Architecture also of UNILAG.

The incident, as gathered, occurred two months ago at 1, Ajose Street, Enu-Owa area of Lagos Island. But the female undergraduate was silent over the matter until her relations abroad who stumbled on the nude pictures on the internet contacted her mother in Nigeria, last week.

How it started

Narrating how the incident occurred, the female undergraduate said: “Babajide  came to our house to treat our dog. In the process, he requested  for my phone number and I reluctantly gave him. He started calling me and told me he would like to go out with me.

“But I told him I already had a boyfriend whom I loved. Yet, he kept calling me, saying he was not interested in just going out with me but wanted to  marry  me. Aside that, he kept monitoring my movements and at a point, I deleted his contact on my phone.

“I was returning home for a weekend in April , a car stopped by my side at Idumota bus-stop. Jide was sitting beside a driver who was unknown to me.

“On sighting him, I walked past. But the next thing he did was to hold me by the hand, dragged me into the car and drove to his house.

“When he got home, he started beating me and tore my clothes, asking what  I wanted that he could not give me. He instructed me to unlock my phone and when he discovered that I used my boyfriend’s name as password, he resumed the beating.

“At a point, he gave me his phone to speak with some of his friends who told me I was in for trouble, for turning down a member of their unnamed cult, threatening that they would kill me for treating him shabbily.

“Thereafter, he raped me and when he was done, his friend took his turn despite my plea. When he saw I was bleeding, he stopped and started begging me. At that point, he brought out  his phone and started taking my nude pictures.  I made attempt to cover my face but he hit me on the head with a bottle and continued taking the shots.

How I escaped

“I begged him to allow me call my mother to give him some money for my release but he refused. I also appealed to him to delete my pictures when he started begging me.

“I stayed in that room all night till the next day when he went out to get me some drugs. Immediately he stepped out, I tried the door and discovered it was  not locked from outside. I quickly changed into one of my dirty clothes in my bag and escaped.

“But I could not tell anyone at home. When my elder brother asked what the problem was on seeing the blood stained clothes, I told him I was involved in an accident and when my mother insisted on knowing what the problem was, I told her I fought with a course mate. She insisted on going to school with me on seeing the magnitude of the injury but I prevented her.

“Barely had I settled down than Babjide called, threatening to kill me if I disclosed what happened to anyone. As if that was not enough, his friends also called and threatened me as well.”

She is my girlfriend — Suspect

However, on his part, Babjide claimed that the undergraduate was his girlfriend, adding that they only had a fight on that fateful day.

Expressing shock over his arrest, he said: “She is my girlfriend. We only fought in April and have resolved the matter.

“What led to the fight was her request for money to buy an IPad which cost over N100,000. Because of my love for her, I managed to raise N70,000. She visited me on that day and I advised her to change her way of living which included going  to club .

I also accused her of flirting with other men. Along the line, we started fighting and I used a mop stick to hit her and in the process , took shots of her and sent the pictures to my friends. But I did not tell them to paste the pictures on the internet.”

Police sources hinted that efforts were on to arrest Mayowa and Ademuyiwa alleged to have pasted the victim’s  nude pictures on the internet, while  Babajide had been charged to court  for kidnapping, rape, conspiracy, attempt to commit murder, indecent assault, and assault occasioning harm.

[Source: Vanguard]

30 thoughts on “UNILAG Student Kidnapped, Raped By Jealous Boyfriend; Suspect Arrested

  1. am so sorri for happen to u you gal… If rili u are innocent of dy incident dat occure, den God wil fight for u

  2. Why must a guy rape a girl when many girls are outside,some guys are just fucking idiot….if you make sense you will have them many.

  3. there is more to the story..a man who came to treat her dog and relationshp that turned sour..smethng is amiss here..our ladies are too vulnerable nowadays

  4. If indeed this guy commits this, he should have asked himself b4 doing it at all, let him know that no amount of lies can cover the truth. our society needs total reformation

  5. With the story, i believe the lady is his girlfriend because in her story she used her boyfriends name as password on her phone which got Babajide infuriated. Why would Babajide be angry for her using a name as password since he is still trying to woo her. My decision is Police should investigate very well and Babajide should be jailed for life because the girl could have died. We don’t need such men roaming around the streets cos its dangerous…….


  7. Dat gil is very stupid. I dnt tink wat she narated is 2ru bcs if it was she wud hv tod her parents wat hapend bcs dias no 1 dat wil b humiliatd, assualtd, nd treatend in dat mana nd luckily escaped sins 2 months ago dat wil fail 2 disclos such 2 her parents nd polic 4 immediate arest of d guy. Who knws, it mayb bcs of d nud pix posted on d net dat made her 2 tak action. On my own idea, she enjoyd wat dey did 2 her mayb dat is y she didnt disclos it 2 any1. FOOLISH GIRL.

  8. This is yet another case that the late King Solomon will have to come back to life to settle. Who is right and who is wrong? But no matter what the guy is wrong, does he think the Girl does not have the right to choose who to date? Is he her husband? Infact both him and his friends should be expel from school and be sentence to 14 years in prison with hard labour. I just can’t understand why Guys sees Girls as their own personal property and can do anything they want, that is why these cases of raping and acid bath to Girls is so rampant.

  9. Nd 4 dos guys, if wat d gil naratd ws 2ru, my prayr 4 u guys is 30yrs imprisonment 4 each of u who re dogs nd cud nt control ur manhood, 2 LOV IS NT BY FORCE OK useles boys, ur parents re unfotunate of havin nd sendin u 2 school IRIOTS

  10. I wonder what is wrong with this 21st century guys. They full of evil deeds and animalistic behaviour. If truely that girl is innocent, after the judgement of this world God will judge u too. Animals in human cloth.

  11. I am sorry gal, but if he is not ur boyfriend as u said, when u escaped from his prison the first thing to do is to tell ur parent if u cant confide in ur dad, ur mom is the rite person to discuss with. I will say the gal is the lier. Actually, what d guy did was wrong if someone is about quitting a courtship there are many outside that are ready to keep. To the extent of kidnapping, raping and so on this is rubbish.

  12. i believe the girl cuz such things is 100% possible. even though the girl is not saying the truth,the boy have no right to snap her nudes and send to his friends.the boy is wicked and heartless for doing such thing so he have to pay/suffer for it.

  13. sum ppl r ful of evil ryt 4rm birth…God knws d innocent..buh d guy shud b punishd 4 takn nd pacing d gal’s nude pix on internet..itz doznt show respect 4 womanhud…if truly d lady s hs gf..i dnt fink she worth dt ungodly act..

  14. how could some one be involve in such act beating and rape even in turn that u bleed yet by getting home you could’nt tell by your self what happen to you and even when your brother and mother insisted to know what happen to you you keeep denying if you had die like claim to be involved in an accident. police do good investigation they might be lovers

  15. Why didn’t d girl tell her parent when she got home, if truly she wasn’t dating d guy. The girl was actually dating d guy and went 2 visit d him jst 2 collect d ipad thinking d guy was a maga, you know some girls of dis days take guys 4 fool. Guess d guy notice dt his so called girl friend was after money, so he decided to deal with d girl by raping her and sending her nude picx 2 his friend 2 show dt he has already got what he want but d guy took too far, he shouldn’t have beat and rape d girl, he should have leave everything 2 God. My advise 2 some ladies out there is 2 stop taking guys as a maga or mugu because all guys are not a fool. and as 4 d rapist and his friends, they must all go to jail…..this story serve as a warning 2 young ladies and men out there 2 b careful of everything they are doing.

    • @jumaimah, i suspect ur type of persn! U knw d truth, d guy said himself, dat he beat n snap d girl. Dats is enough proof dat d guy is gulity.

  16. Well,4 all dats hav been said,i don’t know who is telling d truth.but if i were to b d FATHER CONFESSOR i would hav gotten d truth out of dem.

  17. That guy is just wicked.How can he stoop so low as to raping and taking nude pictures of the girl and sending it to his friends.Though nobody knows the real truth here but atleast the pictures has made the guy guilty of the offence.

  18. this is awkward & preposterous, how can a man do dis 2 his fellow human? Thesame tin happend while I was in school, a guy did dis 2 his girlfriend. If his penis won’t function 2moro wen he marries, he will blame God, since all he could do wit it now is 2 rape girls wit it. Men pls Dnt take advantage of women being the weaker versus,God made us dis way not be molested by men but to be protected and loved by them, may God have mercy on men of dis generation, Jesus is almost here. It obvious. The happenings can tell

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