UNN Student Found Dead In Lagos Hotel (Florence Ugwu, University Of Nigeria Undergraduate)

unn student found dead in lagos hotel room

July 27, 2013 – UNN Student Found Dead In Lagos Hotel (Florence Ugwu, University Of Nigeria Undergraduate)

Few days ago, the dead body of Florence Ugwu a student of UNN (University of Nigeria, Nsukka) was discovered at a high-class hotel in Lagos State.

In a similar case to that of Cynthia Osokogu who died tragically at a hotel in Festac town Lagos , Florence a 300 level female Undergraduate student of UNN was discovered when a cleaner tried to tidy the hotel room.

According to sources, she lodged into the hotel with an unknown man the night before her death .

The mystery surrounding her death is yet to be unraveled as police investigation continues.

florence ugwu unn student dead lagos hotel Lifeless body of Florence Ugwu

Who could have done this to a fellow human being.

Haba people are heartless oooo.

May her soul rest in perfect peace and may her killer be brought to justice.

Warning to all single ladies, please be careful who you go out with.

May you not fall victim IJN.

42 thoughts on “UNN Student Found Dead In Lagos Hotel (Florence Ugwu, University Of Nigeria Undergraduate)

    • well the whole damn country, is beyond evil pure evil it is , nothing but evil black people that scams the world out of there hard earned money,,, no way would I ever want to go there have no reason to, all I hear is how evil it is, I know I been scamed by these devils, I pray god brings them all down soon, oh by the way was a black ass that scamed me going by leo brave or leonard brave had other names as well if you know him, tell him mary said this is no way over,,,got to go trash him some more in scam book,now

      • mary na d country u go blame abi na d grl wey u go blame.wetin carry ha go der???????????u no go judge da one abi

  1. Cynthy wat did asuu cause? Ladies of now a days sold there body for money, they don’t care who the man is or was. I pity this lady family O. What a lose

    • Why blame d Alhaji,when we’re yet 2 kn wot lead 2 her death,we don’t even know if she wanted to rob the man was killed(2)Don’t blame ASUU coz ASUU didn’t baricade d road 2 ya parents home,she go flex,flex don flex her nw

  2. may God save us all.d way nd maner which naija men look 4 mone is alarming.why nao.una won buy pass car,house or wear designer cloth.wetin sef.no fear of God at all.girls bware o.man wen poor na yawa,man wen rich na kasala.i tired.

  3. Undergraduate students in many universities have gone too far, they think once enrolled at the university means freedom to do anything and these are the consequences.

  4. When we are sent to school, go to school and student. If schools are on strike, find your way home and be of assistance to them. This is more profitting, than moving from one party to the other and one hotel to the other.

    This is a strong lesson to as many still indulging in such life styles

  5. is that hotel room her class room? she has be doing nonsence all her life in the of student, let every nigerian student learn because it might happen to any one at anytime. harloting has became a very lucrative business for nigeria students and they renamed it RUNS and call themselves RUNSGIRLS

    • What’s dis RUBBISH u guys talkin about, what has ASUU strike got to do wit dis, strike or no strike she would go to the hotel room with the man, so stop spitting trash, if u r putting d blame on ASUU strike den u r birds of d same feather, u r only encouraging harloting. @ODINAKA, u said florence was d 4th/5th person to die in ur skul, it means “u guys shld put ur stuff in stock” and most of u r sayin men are bad,women nko, una no bad pass us. Women are d devil gangan. Florence may ur soul rest in peace jare

  6. My warning goes to the ladies, pls I beg all of you in the name of God, pls embrace God or you perish. All that gliters are not gold. Already made is good but not all of us are good. You want to get married to a total stranger, you go in search of men everywhere, travel all part of Nigeria to meet a man you have never seen, someone you don’t know simply because you want to meet up and live up to expectation. What shall is profit you to gain the whole world and loose your precious soul? May God forbid, I pray that such occurence never repeat. May the soul of Florence rest in peace.

  7. Ladies re d evil of demself dat is wat she deserve, ASUU or not wat I knw is dat if dre is strike action stay wit ur perents n b helpin dem period!

  8. Ooo..I jst feel enormous pity 4 de parents of de deceased,I wonder aw de re goin 2 face dis reproach n scandel conceived n penertrated by dere mischievous daughter of deres

  9. Acording 2 news ASUU strike maybe cal off dis week thursday, students shuld keep on pray cos wat we ve now is ruler not leader.

  10. Only God, d gal and the killer knows wat rili happened. So please do not jump into conclusions. May her soul RIP

  11. Topila y saying nor jugding her in such a way pls be careful on ur comment abt Pple who are victims of circustance cos u donT kwn wat life wld bcum of u 2morow. Rather say RIP nor advice d existing ladies to be careful. Yeye

  12. Do u have to be a slot 2 prove u have arived.i pity her..ladies wont accept d fact dat guys value money than there cunt…so b wise and avoid ritualist

  13. shebi na fuck karry u go der………………………eh u dn see d final result naa.abi shey na person kidnap u go der????????????well abeg ds babes wey wan die too make dem just do dsame.una go dey folo person wey u no trust atall……………fooools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RIP shaaa

  14. I no blame ASUU cause me also I be unn student 300 level going to 400. ASU no send us go hotel. We done finish second semester na house things. Na wetin carry her go hotel. Na for her to carry money come back come dey itimidate d innocent girls and boys anyway her cup done full and hell done accept her.. Make dis one be lesson to other. Girls wey dey same line with her.. Great lions and lioness may her soul rest in peace sha….

  15. Rexx n topilla God is watching both of you on plasma tv shee u both want to swear u haven’t invited a stranger just to fuck her. Fools! two broke ass

  16. well people has got to learn to stay out that messed up country,,them blacks are wild, and very evil, sure they kill every day,, no whites should ever go there,all they know is scaming, rapeing,and yes they are witch dr,s as well, all that voo doo, you doo, who doo, crap,

  17. Florence I can’t judge u becasue I dnt hv d authority to do so,only God does.no one knows 2morrow,its just a pity u died shamefully.may we not fall a victim of such…Amen

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