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palm oil cure covid 19


Interesting Findings About Unrefined Palm Oil And COVID-19

palm oil cure covid 19

Interesting Findings About Unrefined Palm Oil And COVID-19

Coronavirus: Palm Oil, best oil against COVID-19!

ALTERNATIVE medicine and traditional medicine looked set for upgrading from the side-lines last week in Nigeria’s search for a home grown COVID-19 cure. But a last minute push of chloroquine to the front burner in Lagos State appeared likely to block them.

The Presidential committee which is trying to involve alternative medicine and traditional medicine practitioners in the search for a COVID-19 cure finally got some prominent figures in the industry to have a meeting with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control ( NAFADAC).

But at the same time, Lagos State, the most respected and most influential of Nigeria’s 36 states when it comes to epidemic and pandemic controls, signalled it might begin hospital prescriptions of Chloroquine this week for COVID-19 patients and served NAFDAC the notice.

Incidentally, Nigeria, through Lagos State, has one of the best cure rates world-wide on its present, undisclosed protocols whereas Chloroquine dependent United States has the world’s worst affiliation and death records. Incidentally, too, NAFDAC as yet, has no official word on Chloroquine.

Last week, this column reported that some doctors in India who used Chloroquine and Azithromycin for protection died in the process because they did not take Omega-3 fatty acids along with them and the two drugs damaged their hearts. World -wide, the search for a COVID-19 cure continued with a World Health Organisation (WHO) plan to send Madagascar’s COVID ORGANICS, a herbal formula, for international clinical trials. COVID ORGANICS is a lucky natural medicine contender against contending vaccines because there are many suppressed possible cures which lie forgotten in medicine’s dung hills.

One such side-lined remedies which may offer a cure is the One-minute cure of Dr. Holda Clark who was literally chased out of the United States into Mexico, a safe haven for Alternative Medicine and Traditional Medicines of all sorts. Incidentally, COVID-19 is a judge of both nations.

A May 5, 2020 update revealed total confirmed cases of 1,299,715 for the United States against 29,616 for Mexico. With a 14 percent death rate against 26 percent in the U. S, Mexico can beat it’s chest and say laissez faire in Medicine pays off.

The Americans showed Dr. Clark the door to Mexico because she dared to say all diseases were caused by germs( bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, viruses etc).

According to Dr. Clark, such diseases can be cured within one minute through a radio frequency machine which she developed and offered free to whosoever may wish to personally build and use it.

Her hypothesis is that everything which exists is a form of energy and broadcasts its existence to all else through energy vibrations on a sound wave length frequency peculiar to it. Therefore, everything which exists is recognised by all else through its peculiar broadcast frequency.

This identity card of sorts becomes useful in disease fighting either when helping the immune system to recognise foreign bodies inside the human body or when the skilled radio frequency doctor jams the frequency of an invading army of germs.

Dr. Clarke says if we know the broadcast frequency of a germ, we can destroy its army in the body by jamming this frequency and, thereby, immobilising that foreign Army.

That is exactly what happens in Star Wars among nations when one nation jams the early warning system (s) of another, such as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) did to those of the United States in the 1970s.

In war situations and other circumstances, we have witnessed, also, the jamming of the frequencies of “enemy” broadcast stations. In the Biafra war, Nigeria always tried to knock out the more propagandist Radio Biafra.

And during the JUNE12 political discontent, Nigeria marked out Radio Kudirat for elimination on the air waves. Dr Clarke’s healing methods consisted of developing a radio frequency generating device which would jam the broadcast frequency of an army of germs, and making the patient pass this healing frequency into his or her body by holding in the hand for some time terminals of the device when it is switched on.

As the radio frequency moves through the body, it would destroy the invading germs, she says, in not more than one minute. Orthodox Medicine rose against her with several law suits, the contest of which she could not finance, and she had to migrate to Mexico to continue her practice.

Her drugless healing method which offended the pharmaceutical drug industry on which orthodox medicine is founded, is one of the several suppressed Alternative Medicine pathways to health which remained silenced till this day and are, thus, unavailable to suffering and dying humanity at this time of scare mongering for yet another vaccine, a load of poisons

Any- one who is interested in finding out the truth about the poisons to inhibit or even kill germs and eventually harm or disable human cells may follow Dr. Robert O. Young, authur of some books, especially Sick and Tired and his peer reviewed scientific article called A second thought about viruses, vaccines and theHIV/AIDS hypothesis. We will return to him some day.

I would like to quickly visit the ideas of our own Dr. Ignatius Onah about how palm oil may help out in Coronavirus infection. The reference to Banga soup is mine. It appealed to me because I enjoy Banga Soup which is made from palm kernel, from which we obtain oil and palm kernel oil

Dr. Ignatius Onah

This is a revolutionary doctor and researcher of sorts. He emerges from a crowd of settled thoughts with strange and disturbing ideas that cannot be ignored. Once or twice or so, l contested some ideas with him. He yielded no ground. I shrugged my shoulders, and let go.

In respect of the politics of research which held down palm oil and coconut oil for the Western world to push and sell soy oil in the world market, we speak the same language.

He takes me beyond this boundary into the realms of how palm oil may help to combat COVID-19. His opinions are a response to the attempt by Western researchers to again denigrate palm oil. You should find it useful.

Dr Onah has the floor….

Coronavirus: Palm Oil, best oil against COVID-19!

The following WhatsApp message was sent to me by Dr Ignatius O. Onah, whose brief introduction I made in the upper part of this column gave me the idea of Banga Soup as a possible immunity enhancer against COVID-9 infection.

While thousands of people continue to die needlessly, in my view, and as scientists dismiss possible natural cures not founded on clinical trials which may take years to flower and fruit, here is yet another widow’s mite contribution to ideas which may save our lives in this dangerous period. The contribution comes from Dr Ignatius O. Onah

Culled from “Unrefined Palm Oil Boosts Lung Immunity Against COVID-19”, published on May 2, by Prof.Nur Yasmin.

Excerpts only[Emphasis is ours}

“…Unrefined Palm Oil Boosts Lung Immunity Against COVID-19

“…A study shows that unprocessed red palm oil helps to maintain lung immunity and respiratory health, strengthening one’s body defences against the coronavirus that is causing the COVID-19 disease.
The product, also known as virgin red palm oil, can help maintain an adequate amount of a substance crucial for the body’s immune system.
Sri Raharjo, researcher of food technology and agricultural products at Gajah Mada University, said that alveoli, tiny sacs in human lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchanges, are covered with emulsifiers or surfactant which contains palmitic acid (palmitate).
“Palmitate covers 60 percent of alveoli inner walls. It is synthesised directly from fat, and the virgin red palm oil has the palmitate needed by the alveoli surfactant,” Sri Raharjo said in a virtual seminar on Thursday.

The body does produce surfactant naturally, but consuming palmitic acid should help keep it at an adequate level needed for the body.
When the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, enters the body, it will go through the alveolus, self multiplies and disrupts the surfactant synthesis process. Macrophage, a type of cell in the alveoli, will counterattack by releasing cytokines, causing blood vessels to widen, then leaking water into the alveoli.

“If alveoli are drowned in water, the surfactant will no longer be effective and cannot synthesize. The gas exchange will not run smoothly, and the person will have breathing difficulty. In this state, the person requires ventilators to breathe,” Sri Raharjo said.

Virgin red palm oil also contains pro-vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta carotene, nutrients that are essential to guard the body against COVID-19.

Sri Raharjo said that virgin red palm oil also has 15 times higher pro-vitamin A than carrots and high tocotrienols, which boosts the immune system.

“Vitamin E, tocotrienol, and pro-vitamin A dissolved in virgin red palm oil are powerful antioxidants that can ward off free radicals. Vitamin C, which is available in many fruits, functions to refresh vitamin E as a weakened antioxidant after reacting with free radicals,” he said.

* Sri Raharjo said the clearer the oil, the fewer nutrients left in the oil. Therefore, unprocessed oil is the best way to consume red palm oil.”It is best to use virgin red palm oil as cooking oil or for stir fry, instead of frying oil.

The oil can be mixed when the meal is finished cooking, so the beta carotene and vitamin E are not damaged,” he said.

“In Africa, virgin red palm oil is the basic ingredient of daily food for its people, …

Despite the benefits, red virgin palm oil remains under negative perception surrounding its refined form, the palm oil. The World Health Organisation said that palm oil is unhealthy and causes heart attacks because of its high saturated fat.

The global agency body suggested avoiding saturated fat consumption such as fatty meat, butter, palm and coconut oils, cream, cheese, ghee, and lard to protect the body against COVID-19…”
Editor’s Remarks:

“Virgin’ Palm oil, ” Unprocessed palm oil’, and ‘Unrefined’ palm oil mean the SAME thing here, and they represent the regular hand – processed palm oil in use for centuries in the tropics.
The ‘global agency’, WHO, is inside the deep pockets and suffocating spell of their Sponsors — producers/makers of the Uniformly toxic unsaturated fats , like Soy, Canola, Sunflower, etc.
Why? Their own people do not produce palm oil, coconut oil, etc.

Anything wrong with saturated fats?

No!, there is nothing wrong with something that constitutes more than 80percent of total fatty acids in the human body; that something is called saturated fats!

Yet, WHO is goading people into pouring unsaturated fats into their system; in fact, in most Americans, the pro – inflammatory Omega 6 acid alone constitute more than 50percent of their total fat intake! This bad fats are sourced from soy, corn, peanuts, etc. Any wonder that inflammation reigns supreme in their bodies? No!!

Last Line: A few citations which exonerate saturated fats as being bad, and showcase their manifest nutritional edge over unsaturated fats like soy, corn,etc:

Dr Eric C. Westman, MD, MHS:
“Saturated fats never cause heart attack, nor stroke!!”

He continues: “The thing that concerns people the most with a high fat diet is that it will give you a heart attack…. I was taught the same thing in Medical school!.

I was taught that fat in the diet is related to heart disease and stroke, and actually caused those things. Well, the science just hasn’t shown that to be true. … Fat in the diet is not the causal factor we were led to believe” Dr Westman, MD, MHS, is Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University, and Director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. ; Chair of the KE Diet® Scientific Advisory Board, is the author of “A Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet Manual”, and New Atkins for a new you”

Dr Stephen Byrnes, PhD,: ” All recent, peer – previewed researches favour consumption of saturated fats “
Dr Byrnes continues,…”Recently, experts selected by WHO and FAO published a new report . Here the authors concluded that there was no satisfactory or reliable evidence to support the idea that saturated fat causes heart disease, or diabetes or obesity…

“A meta-analysis of properly performed previous studies on heart health and saturated fats concluded there was no association between cardiac issues and saturated fats. This was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) on January 13th, 2010.

Dr Chris Kresser…”And what if I told you that a review of large, well-designed studies published in reputable medical journals showed that there is no association between saturated fat and heart disease?
Well, that’s what I’m telling you. We’ve been duped and lied to. And we’ve suffered greatly as a result. Not only have we suffered from being encouraged to eat packaged and processed foods made with cheap, tasteless vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates (low-fat cuisine), but these very foods we were told would protect us from heart disease actually promote it!

The recent review I’m talking about is a meta-analysis published in January, 2010 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It pooled together data from 21 unique studies that included almost 350,000 people, about 11,000 of whom developed cardiovascular disease (CVD), tracked for an average of 14 years, and concluded that There is no relationship between the intake of saturated fats and the incidence of heart disease, or stroke !! Let me put that in lay persons terms for you: Eating saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease” –;Dr Chris Kresser.

Professor Linus Pauling, PhD, DSc. Double, unshared Nobel Laureate, (one on Vitamin C) Hear him: “The bodyhas an almost insatiable hunger for saturated fats!!”
He continues, “If you do not eat enough saturated fat in your diet, your body will manufacture the saturated fat it NEEDS. … low saturated fat can injure your arteries just as does low vitamin C. Your arteries are constructed, in large part , of saturated fats and vitamin C”

Prof Linus Pauling, PhD, D Sc.(Double, unshared Nobel Laureate, one on Vitamin C) , wrote the book,” How to live longer and better ”

Dr Russell Smith,PhD: “Without enough saturated fats, your body cannot utilise essential fatty acids,calcium, ,vitamin D etc etc. ” According to him, ” The body needs saturated fats in order to properly utilise essential fatty acids.
Saturated fats are needed for proper calcium utilisation in the bones; … power the immune system;… are the preferred food for the heart and other vital organs; and, along with cholesterol, add structural stability to the cell and intestinal wall”

Dr Smith wrote the book, “The cholesterol Conspiracy

Dr Chris Masterjohn: “…these saturated fats are found mostly in the milk and meat of ruminant animals like cattle and sheep. They also form the core structural fats in the human body, comprising 75-80percent of fatty acids in most cells, … assuming you are metabolically healthy, you can eat as much saturated fat as you like without adverse consequences…..”
Dr Mary Enig, PhD (1931-2013)
“It was determined many years ago that humans need saturated fats because we are warm blooded. Our bodies do not function at room temperature, but at a tropical temperature. Saturated fats provide the appropriate stiffness and structure to our cell membranes and tissues.

When we consume a lot of liquid unsaturated oils, our cell membranes do not have structural integrity to function properly, they become too floppy, and when we consume a lot of transfat, which is not as soft as saturated fats at body temperature, our cell membranes become too stiff”.

Epilogue: “…A study shows that unprocessed red palm oil helps to maintain lung immunity and respiratory health, strengthening one’s body defenses against the corona virus that is causing the Covid-19 disease..” — Prof.NUR YASMIN.

About Dr Onah. :Dr (Pharm.) IGNATIUS O. ONAH(69), is a Pharmacist , Nutritionist, and Naturopathic Doctor. WhatsApp :07065744004.

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  1. Fadekemi Ilori

    May 28, 2020 at 3:56 AM

    I believe the power of unrefined palm oil. Just licking it enough has put an end to my cough on several occassion

  2. Metu Nyetu

    May 28, 2020 at 7:17 AM

    IT IS possible. The palm is a thousand miracles summed up in a tree.

  3. R A koshi

    May 28, 2020 at 7:35 AM

    Each time my grandmum licks palm oil you ask why, she will say she has cough and with in hours it will disappear. She will be well. I also believe.

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