US-Based Nigerian Man Lamidi Lateef Abandons Wife & Kids In Ibadan – Wife Cries Out

January 11, 2017 – My US-Based Husband Lamidi Lateef Abandoned Me & Our Children Since 2007 – Wife Cries Out

Mrs Omolara Lateef today approached an Agodi-Ibadan Grade `C’ Customary Court, to dissolve her 15-year-old marriage to her U.S. based-husband, Lamidi Lateef.

Omolara told the court that Lamidi had abandoned her and the three children of the marriage for 10 years, saying she was tired of waiting.

The plaintiff, a fashion designer, also said that she had not set her eyes on Lateef since he travelled to the U.S. in 2007.

According to her, Lateef made three- phone calls to her from the U.S. in 2007 after he left Nigeria.

She said that then, he pleaded with her to be patient with him, saying he was planning to relocate to another city in the U.S.

“He advised me to relocate to my family in Kaduna from Ibadan where we were both residing before he travelled.

“But, I decided to stay back in Ibadan since I have my job and can take care of myself and the three children with comfort.

“Since then, he had refused to either call or come to Nigeria to see me, while I have not been able to reach him on his cell phone line.

“His family members too claimed that they could not contact him and there has been no assistance from his relations for the maintenance of the children since he left, “ she said.

The plaintiff prayed the court to uphold her request for the dissolution of the union in absentia of the defendant saying she could not endure any longer but wishes to remarry.

The President of the court, Chief Mukaila Balogun, dissolved the marriage and ordered the plaintiff to continue having the custody of the three children.

6 thoughts on “US-Based Nigerian Man Lamidi Lateef Abandons Wife & Kids In Ibadan – Wife Cries Out

  1. Your predicament is understandable…but have you make any effort to know if he is alive and well? There was no quarrel before he left, and no sign he was contacting anybody since your last contact with him…something may be terribly wrong because this abroad travel is not what people think it is….it’s more like a war zone and anything can happen.

    As your wish was granted,pray for him to return in good health because i believed his children must be missing him.

    • Good talk @ Mon. Since there were no quarrels before he left, something must have happened to make him to not reach out to you. Try to find out if he is well or not ,or in jail or something else. Do you have any relative in U.S. you can contact with his last known state of residence who can try to locate him? Hope and pray he is well. Your frustration is understood.

  2. He must have marry another woman over there.that is what they do here in Germany. They marry white women here and abandoned their wife and kids back home

  3. Traveling out of your own Country to Oyinbo Country in search of Greener pasture is not easy as MON has said. Unless if God has already made the way for that relationship to work out, if any one of the couple travel oversea without solid bond, they may not remain as husband and wife.

    The fact is, a man who left his family for obodo Oyinbo need to get his status straighten in order to stay in his host Country. For some people it takes years to materialize. Even if the man did not has intention to marry a white woman, he will be forced to do so otherwise, he cannot have rest of mind not to talk of working and the only way to get money to send to the family back home is if he is working. The economic situation in Africa has forced many men to abandon their love ones involuntary.

    There was a time I accidentally heard a conversation between husband and wife when his wife was telling him that “why didn’t you just come back home if you cannot get your greencard on time”. She told him just come back home. This is how frustrated that woman felt but to be honest would you encourage that guy to come back home just like that without bringing anything after sacrificing eight years abroad?

    Another thing is to verify if this guy is still alive. If he has been communicating with his relatives, that is another situation. If his families were complaining of not hearing from him, I think the most appropriate thing is to find him first, then verifying the facts his wife can file in for divorce.



  5. In this case, two things are involved. Its either he’s in jail or he remarried. Since the family members claimed they have not bn contacting him, which I don’t believe. Madam, time waits for no one. Do as you wish, God’s your strength.

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