US To Sanction Nigeria Over Anti Gay Law “Keep Ur Aid Money” – Ambassador Blasts America

US sanction nigeria anti gay law

January 21, 2014 – US Vows To Stop Sending Aids Money To Nigeria Over Anti Gay Law “Homosexuals Are Animals”- Nigerian Ambassador To US

America Threatens To Sanction Nigeria Over Gay, Same Sex Marriages Ban “Keep Ur Aid Money” – Ambassador Blasts US

Top western countries are mounting pressure on Nigerian Federal Government to revert the recently passed anti gay law prohibiting same sex marriages in Nigeria.

United States Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle threatened that America will  reduce support for HIV/AIDS and anti-malaria programmes in response to the Federal Government’s position on the gay rights issue.

Member countries of the European Union and Canada have expressed their objection to the law but United States Ambassador to Nigeria said he was worried about “the implications of the anti-same sex marriage law which seems to restrict the fundamental rights of a section of the Nigerian population.”

This came as a former Nigerian Ambassador to US, Dahiru Suleiman, yesterday, described homosexuality and lesbianism as “animalistic and degrading to humanity.”

Former Ambassador Suleiman, yesterday, described homosexuality and lesbianism as animalistic acts, degrading to humanity. Suleiman served as Nigerian envoy in several countries, including Pakistan, Brazil, Angola, United States of America, Ivory Coast, Poland, Australia and Sudan, among others.

Reacting to US threat of sanctions against Nigeria over the anti-gay law, Suleiman stressed the need for Nigerian leaders not to be dependent on foreign assistance for governance.

He said: “Homosexuality and lesbianism are offences against God; if any body wants to do it, he should do so secretly. It is not only animalistic but diminishes mankind.”

“If it is the money the US gives to us, let them keep the money. Nigeria is rich enough to take care of her people unlike other countries.”

65 thoughts on “US To Sanction Nigeria Over Anti Gay Law “Keep Ur Aid Money” – Ambassador Blasts America

  1. Davien@as lonq as u a Niqerian, u abide by d constitutions of this nation.. Don’t be sentimental. Same sex is a chronic devilish act. We believe the words 4rm d holy bible.. That’s what makes us a christian.. God created adam and eve. Not adam and davien OR eve and queen, so y trying to change what he created.. He said “Go to the world and multiply” ;how can u multiply when u banqinq d arse of ur fellow male? So because canada qave dah kinda cash means we should abide by there rules? Even when it qoes aqainst God? This is Africa! This is Nigeria. Obama make u free us, we no do.. Na by force? Haba!!

  2. I believe strongly in my heart that HIV and AIDS true drugs r gonna b found in Nigeria, this is true that Obama is an anti Christ if it is money they give Nigeria.. from hence forth we say no to it nd if China could grow nd become strong dat America recons to them then what about Nigeria, if we settle nd put our heads together nothing is impossible.. America has insulted our mother land…. To hell wif America to hell with their bill an long live Nigeria and long live its citizens..

  3. America and Western worlds should keep their aid to themselves. We’re not interested. If they’re in love with gays in Nigeria, let them give them free visas to their countries. As for us and our beliefs, homosexuality is a taboo. Goodbye with your so called aid, we can survive without them. Rubbish!!!

  4. On this subject id comment just once as its never worth a debate from every essence of the word morality….@devian,Nigerians have decided,if your caught you will face the law,so be it…you can go on embelishing sodomy as long as you desire,let me remind you that if your caught…you will rot in jail

  5. Your response is expected of all insecure religious sheep,you follow blindly…anyone who opposes you either supports your enemy or is your next target to scorn,must i keep repeating i am not gay?and @david,if i have your facebook profile…that is all i need to blackmail you as a gay…since in nigeria eye-witness accounts are taken with high credibility…in lay mans’ terms i am saying that anyone can be accused of being gay…by “religious/evil” people who preach what they don’t practice…using your mentality yet again that homosexuality is a western influence and you would purge it then share a big congratulations to boko haram…afterall they are also helping you all curb out western influencing by bombing schools,churches and claiming “heathens”

  6. @mekuzpasalati,the truth of the matter is that thanks to genetic engineering,gays can have babies with their DNA(deoxyribonuceic acid)and genetically modified babies are completely engineered to live or even outlive an average baby…so therefore they can be fruitful and multiply.

  7. ladies and gentlemen, stop making this so called davien important. thats all he/she needs to start a cause.

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