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Valentine’s Day Inspiration: Spread The Love Today Not The Legs By Law Mefor

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Valentine’s Day Inspiration: Spread The Love Today Not The Legs By Law Mefor

valentine's day 2013 inspirational quotes

Feb 14, 2013 – Valentine’s Day Inspiration: Spread The Love Today Not The Legs By Law Mefor


As we celebrate val today, another view of love may just be refreshingly apt.

Deriving from St. Valentine’s desire to side with love by marrying off young couples against the orders of the king of Rome in the middle ages, and consequently paying with his life, Valentine’s Day has indeed risen to World’s Love Day!

Yet, celebrating love is a great thing only if the meaning and thinking of the celebrants is right and this is where the worry lies. What is celebrated in Nigeria nay the world today may well be lust and therefore far from love. For a proof, there is a whole protest in Indonesia going on right now against today as World Fornication Day!

Yesterday was World Condom day but if you ask me, I believe today (February 14) is the most apt for it. I say so because my friends in the medical fields are confirming that sexual activities, usually unprecedented, more than triple on February 14, calculated from the packs of condom sold off, number of abortions that arise from those who don’t care about unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancies and deliveries of babies in 7 or 9 months after Val’s Day.

It is therefore evident that the original meaning of love instituted by St. Valentine by his heroic deed has been replaced by lust , thus unprecedented immorality is now feeding on its ruins and spreading tears and sorrow.

Socially, today should be a day to renew commitment to genuine relationships and not the day to hide and indulge in carnal rascality. It is the day to sit out and gaze in your partner’s eyes , over whatever you can afford (it doesn’t matter if it is ‘mama put’ or bonce and coke!) and say; ‘I love you’, especially if you have not said so in a long while.

I personally see love itself as living for other people; unselfishly and unconditionally helping others, especially the weak ones to feel strong and become their best selves.

For people truly committed to each other, today should not be such a big deal. May be the gift and ‘point ‘n’ kill’ or ice cream in the case of ajebos, may add glamour or pep to it. But love made today will have no other reason to be so different except today offers the opportunity for that to happen for the first time and that is often the case.

I don’t mean to dampen the spirit of today but to call attention to the real issues in today’s celebrations. Happy Valentines Day, people. Spread the love, not the legs. I hope you don’t it vulgar.

About the author: Law Mefor, Author, Forensic Psychologist And Journalist, is National Coordinator Transform Nigeria Movement (TNM), Abuja. Email:; tel.:234-803-787-2893

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