Video & Photos: Nigerian Pastor Who Beat Up, Injures Wife In Holland Blames Witches & Wizard

nigerian pastor beat wife holland

July 25, 2017 – Nigerian Pastor Based In Netherlands Beats Wife To Stupor, Advises Men Not To Beat Their Wives

  • Pastor David Steven Of Champions Victory’s Center Ministry In Rotterdam Holland Attacks Wife, Vivian Steven
  • Nigerian Pastor Accused Of Attacking, Pushing Wife Down The Stairs In Holland Releases Video, Blames Witches & Wizards

A Pastor from Benin Edo state has come under fire for allegedly beating his wife to stupor before pushing her down the stairs of their home in Rotterdam Holland.

nigerian pastor beat wife netherlands

Pastor David Steven reportedly covered up the attack when he took to the social media to tell friends that he had a minor argument with his wife after she returned from a function.

He added that his wife, Vivian Steven accidentally fell down the stairs before concluding his story by advising men never to beat their wives. He added that his wife is a lion.

Pastor David Steven

Pastor David Steven has been bashed by social media users for coming online to cover up the domestic violence episode that almost sent his wife, Vivian Steven to the grave.

David Steven is the founder of Holy Fire Revival Ministries aka Champions Victory’s Center in the Netherlands.

He married his wife, Vivian Steven in April 2014.

Pastor Steven took to his official Facebook page @ david.steven.7771 few hours ago to claim innocence and declare war on witches and wizards trying to kill his wife.

Here are some videos Pastor David Steven uploaded on the social media today.

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