Nigerian Union President, 4 Students & Indian Woman Arrested For Drug Trafficking In Hyderabad India

nigerian union president arrested india

July 25, 2017 – Nigerian Union President, 4 Students & Indian Woman Arrested For Cocaine & Human Trafficking In Hyderabad India

According to Time of India, 5 Nigerians and an Indian woman were nabbed by police yesterday after police raided the hideout of some Nigerians and their Indian accomplice.

The suspects caught in possession of cocaine, amphetamine and brown sugar were also accused of connecting Nigerian girls to men for prostitution.

Arrested by police in Hyderabad on Monday the 24th of July were 35-year-old Sangeetha Palaparthi and her husband 30-year-old Ojukwu Cosmas (student), 26-year-old Okorie John (a student), 31-year-old Anezi Cyril Okereke (student),34-year-old Onyebuchi Paul (the President of Nigerian Union in Hyderabad) and another student, 31-year-old Okechukwu Henry Ogunka.

Cosmas and his Indian wife were the first to be arrested at a bus stop early Monday morning after police found 3g of Cocaine and 200g of Marijuana in their possession.

After their confession, they led police to the apartment of their associates were others were arrested.