Video & Photos: Olamide Runs Mad On Stage, Curses Don Jazzy, Destroys Headies Green Room

olamide headies drama

January 2nd, 2016 – Olamide Runs Mad On Stage, Curses Don Jazzy, Destroy Properties At The Headies Award [PICTURES]

Fans saw the other side of popular singer Olamide Adedeji at the Headies awards in Lagos yesterday when he suddenly went berserk after the announcement of Don Jazzy’s artiste as the winner of Next Rated award.

Trouble started when Olamide felt his record label act Lil Kesh deserved the award.

He reportedly stormed out of the event disrupting proceedings and cursing everyone out.

Don Jazzy added fuel to the whole mess when he took to the stage to insult the already angry star.

“Egbon Olamide, if you want the car come and collect it”. – said Don Jazzy

Sober Olamide Adedeji took to the social media today to tender an unreserved apology.

Watch the video of angry Olamide in action below

See photos of the damages done by Olamide at the event yesterday

Too much igbo and paraga dey worry person…. this is so unlike him.

9 thoughts on “Video & Photos: Olamide Runs Mad On Stage, Curses Don Jazzy, Destroys Headies Green Room

  1. YBNL frontman Olamide Adedeji, has apologised over his outburst at the just concluded Headies awards 2015.
    I want to say you are off your brains for saying ko ni da fun iya anybody….you are such anbignoramus..we brought you up and you can’t wake up from ur bed and cursing our dear mothers. You better keep your cool or we deal with you. I don’t care about you or Don Jazzy..but be careful how u cursing every body out…mmI personally don’t play that Junk….or we will surely we end your career.

    • ah love mavins and ah so much love YBNL buh ah think lil kesh is the owner of this award…..thank you all ah love reekado banks….Buh for you Don jazzy you are a BIG fool…for behaving childish…

  2. Olamide u get level iyala ya eni body is a slang nd his nt just saying it ok thumb up bro ybnl ganging i still remain ya fan man fuck jazzy nd his boy rekado abi wat ever file fun badòo eyan maywheather

  3. Les call a fool a fool. What is insult in calling Olamide egban. Too me Olamide go too far for that statement. R. Kelly never win gramme award. Still yet he was still the best rnb singer in the world… U f**k up Ola. U don’t remember where u ar coming from. U even for get ur father that jst die. Hmmmmmm. I can see hw much the street is more
    important to u.

  4. Baddoo… I be your number one fan, please make it clear to haters out dia say ur apology na to your fans and not Don jazzy… U b #CEO and not one of those boys

  5. You really fall my hand , it gettin common of you,,,,,, you’re a bloody tout , thug…… Fuck you pitchzzzzz. Don baba u re great, pls if it’s car dat he want give it to him and pls add sum cash to it maybe he can zip up dat stinking lips

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