Video & Transcript Of Bishop Oyedepo’s Prayer For Jonathan During Visit To Winners Chapel Last Sunday


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Jan 28, 2015 – Video: President Jonathan’s Visit To Winners Chapel, CanaanLand Ota & Bishop Oyedepo’s Prayer For GEJ

Video & Transcript Of Bishop Oyedepo’s Prayer For Jonathan During Visit To Winners Chapel Last Sunday

Jonathan visited  Living Faith Church in Canaanland Ota last Sunday and rumour mills took to the web to spread the untrue gossip of the prayer papa prayed for Jonathan.

Please note: Oyedepo didn’t say ‘we’ll open the gates of hell on those opposing Jonathan’ as widely circulated online instead the highly respected man of God said a 30-line prayer for Jonathan and Nigeria in general.

Watch the video below and see the prayer transcript after

Bishop David Oyedepo prayers for President Goodluck Jonathan:

“Lord we pray for our President,
For unusual release of grace to mark the demands of his office,
Oh, my God, release your unusual grace, in increasing dimensions
To mark the demands of his office
Let it be adored.
Lord, lift up your countenance upon him.
Cause your face to shine upon him.
Lord, grant him the desires of his heart.
Lord, under him, grant Nigeria peace,
Under him, grant Nigeria more progress.
Under him, grant Nigeria greater advancement. 
We bless him in the name of the LORD today, 
And we pray that these blessing remain upon him.
Thank you, Father. 
In Jesus’ precious name, we pray.
This entire church proclaims our President blessed today. 
Blessed with divine wisdom to mark the demands of his office.
Blessed with peace to see the miraculous in his life.
Blessed with grace that will advance his course in our nation.
Everytime we pray here, God hears. 
He said whereever two or three are gathered together in my name, 
I will be in the midst of them. 
And when we agree concerning anything, it is done for us. 
Therefore, in the name of Jesus, our President is blessed.
His going out is blessed. 
His coming in is blessed. 
The will of God is blessed in his life.
Thank you, Father. 
Blessed be your holy name. 
In Jesus’ precious name.  

Beware of rumour mills manufacturing news to suit themselves online.